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Candy Wires 100 Count S-Type

Candy Wires - 100 Count

$ 15.99
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Candy Wires String is a competition-quality yoyo string made by hand in the Philippines. Play-tested by top-level players like Ernest Kahn, Paolo Alto, and Robert Tamayo, Candy Wires String is designed to help you get the maximum performance out of your yoyos. Available in three types, Candy Wires String makes for tight binds and smooth tricks with all modern yoyos.

S-Type is a thin, 10x2 string that is very soft and requires no break-in time. It doesn't hold shape as well for slack tricks, but for super fast contest play S-Type is designed to minimize the possibility of string burn.

Candy Wires String is designed and recommended for 1A, 3A, and 5A play.

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