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Candy Dice Pro R7 Counterweight
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Candy Dice - Kazuma Miyakawa signature counterweight.

$ 9.99

Candy Dice are 5A (freehand) counterweights designed by 2001 World Champion and 5A pioneer Shingo Terada. Until the introduction of Candy Dice, there were too few counterweight options, and Shingo decided to do something about it. Candy Dice unique grooved design allow you to switch between 5A to 1A without even taking the string off the yo-yo. And they offer several different shapes and size options to suit your 5A needs!

The Candy Dice Pro R7 was built as a signature model for Kazuma Miyakawa. It is one of the faster playing Candy Dice with a focus on ease of control.

Note:To achieve the particular play feel that we were looking for, Candy Dice is made up of three parts that are attached with glue. After many rounds of prototypes and testing, we found that this 3-part design achieved a much better play feel than if we were to make it as a single piece. This, however, comes with the slight downside that the sections may come apart.
If one of the parts comes off, you can reattach it with a little bit of glue and it should be as good as new!

candy dice counterweight

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