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C3YoYoDesign Speedaholic

C3yoyodesign - Warning - This Plastic Yo-Yo Will Cause You To Play FAST

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C3 YoYo Design is about to flip your entire world upside down and completely change everything you think you know about plastic yo-yos.

The newest addition to the C3 line is the Speedaholic! It one of the most mind-blowingly awesome plastic yo-yos we have seen in a long time, and the best part? You can probably buy this amazing yo-yo with the spare change you find under the couch!

The Speedaholic was designed with a rounded organic V-shape for ideal comfort in hand and the flawlessly molded, translucent, plastic catches the light beautifully when in motion. It has a nice wide stance for extra stability and the thick plastic rim walls add just enough weight to keep the Speedaholic flowing through every trick. And, if you didn't guess it from the name, this yo-yo is fast! The Speedaholic is the first inexpensive plastic yo-yo to rival the performance of most full metal yo-yos on the market.

So if you're looking for an unbeatable yo-yo that wont break your bank this is the one for you. Once you throw the Speedaholic you'll be hooked!

C3YoYoDesign Speedaholic Specifications:

Diameter: 54.76 mm / 2.15 inches
Width: 45.86 mm / 1.80 inches
Gap Width: 4.23 mm / .166 inches
Weight: 67 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: 19 mm - Slim Pad

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