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C3YoYoDesign Trident
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C3yoyodesign - Signature model of one of Hong Kong's best yo-yo players!

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C3yoyodesign has made it their mission to deliver some of the highest quality and built for performance yo-yos. Being based in Hong Kong with the extremely competitive yo-yo culture there they know what it takes to empower a player in freestyle play!

Signature model of one of Hong Kong's best yo-yo players (Ng Wang Kit) it is designed to handle his intense 3A style built on a sharp angular shape and solid stability. Throwing this you can really feel where it is and control it where you need it to go and it is fast! Spin time is just excellent too. This is a real winner for string trick play.

The Trident is also just a stunning yo-yo in person. The colors are extremely vibrant in person and the laser engraving is intricate and just amazing looking. One side showcases the engraving on the outer rim of the yo-yo while the other side is engraved towards the inner hub area.

This is another exceptional design for C3YoYoDesign that we are excited to offer here at YoYoExpert!

Note: the 'red' has somewhat of a pinkish tone to it in person.


C3YoYoDesign Trident Specifications:
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Diameter: 53.69 mm / 2.11 inches
Width: 41.89 mm / 1.65 inches
Gap Width: 4.42 mm / .17 inches
Weight: 65.9 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187) Center Trac
Response: Silicone

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