2017 Mystery Box Buyers Club #2   

Buyer's Club Mystery Box #2
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YoYoFactory -   A Year of Mystery Boxes!    

Welcome Back to the Mystery Box Buyer's Club!
We started the first Mystery Box Club in April with the promise of delivering multiple Mystery Boxes throughout 2017.  Buy into the club and you are guaranteed the opportunity to stay in the club and buy the next box before it sells out (usually lightning fast!)  Not part of the club yet?  No worries - we will have some for a main release but act fast!  (Buying the 2nd box gets you in the club too!)

Introducing the 2nd Box in the series!
For this second release we wanted to give you a few more options, so we have 3 different mystery box options!  Each box has completely different yo-yos, no overlaps, and each box is guaranteed to contain at least 1 metal yo-yo and a total retail value of over $100!

How does the Buyer's Club work?!
Participating in this first Mystery Box Release will automatically enroll you into the new YoYoFactory Buyer's Club!  Simply purchase this box and you are *guaranteed* a chance to purchase box #3 later this year!  Like what you get?! (We think you will!)  Just stay in the club. The purchase of each box guarantees you get the first opportunity to buy the next box in line!  A total of Four Mystery box releases planned for 2017!

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Which Mystery Box Will You Choose?
2017 YoYoExpert x YoYoFactory Mystery Box

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