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yoyorecreation - Toru Miyazaki signature model!

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Born from the evolution of the Toru design the newly presented BAE has finally been completed and fully realized following the Toru .99 design! 

From the start of design with the first prototype Toru 0.9, the diameter was reduced by 1 mm, the weight increased by 1 g, and the weight near the outer circumference further redistributed toward the center. This all adds up to improving the control while making the yoyo even more floaty. Miyazaki is synonymous with overwhelming difficulty and beautiful trick structure, presenting a perfect balance of speed with rhythmic freestyle.

In addition, the straight shape improves overall spin time, and the thick stainless steel rim provides powerful spin, pushing long combos during performances to the limit, and uncompromising performance . In addition, the body is slightly wider than the mainstream, increasing the certainty of string hits and responding to unexpected control mistakes. 

To pursue speed, beauty, certainty, and ideal performance. Sensitive control for every trick, from your fingertips to your entire body.

Bae by YoYoRecreation Bae by YoYoRecreationBae by YoYoRecreation

BAE Specifications:
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Diameter: 55.50 mm / 2.19 inches
Width: 45.00 mm / 1.77 inches
Gap Width: 4.53 mm / 0.18 inches
Weight: 65.00 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: YYR Size C
Material: Aluminum
Designed in: Japan
Made in: China
Released: December 2022

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