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Ascender Yo-Yo Holder
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Unknown - Carry Your Yo-Yos in Style

The Ascender yo-yo holder is the second release from Unknown, the cool new yo-yo accessory company brought to you by the 6 time National Yo-Yo Champion Bryan Figueroa!

What really makes these holders stand out is the ease at which you can remove the yo-yo or put it back in. It requires only one hand since there are no clasps or pull tabs. With one hand it can be securely fastened into the holder. Perfect for someone who wants to be able to quickly grab the yo-yo and put it away just as fast.

The level of craftsmanship in these holders is just amazing. Bryan personally selects the leather used to create these holders, cuts it by hand, and then assembles each individual holder.

The amount of work put into each Ascender holder is visible and the final product is a beautiful accessory that will match anyone's style.

Note: Yo-Yo Not Included.

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