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Adegle Roc
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Adegle - Make Your Tricks Fly As High As a Bird With the Roc!

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The Roc and the Whale are two new offstring yoyos designed by Adegle, Taiwan's first premium yoyo manufacturer. Started in early 2008, Adegle not only designs impressive yoyos, but is also the driving force behind getting Taiwan involved in the community by providing sponsorship, social events and holding local tournaments.

The two yoyos are identical except in one regard, the weight. The Roc is the heavier of the two, and because of this it is better suited for longer sleeps, and thus more exotic trick combinations including orbits. The extra weight also gives this yoyo more stability over its brother. Both yoyos support Adegle's new signature 'hourglass', low-edge body. This shape improves on the traditional design and improves the consistency and playability of both yoyos.

Either of these yoyos would make a fantastic choice for any player's next offstring, but if you are looking for more endurance and power, then the Roc is perfect for you! Make your tricks fly as high as a bird with the Roc!

Adegle Roc Specifications:
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Diameter: 77.75 mm / 3.06 inches
Width: 51 mm / 2 inches
Gap Width: 2.2 mm / .08 inches
Weight: 82.9 grams
Bearing Size: Size C Narrow Bearing
Response: 19 mm Slim Pads

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