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#82 KEVLAR String
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#82 String - One word "Kevlar"

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Number 82 has a reputation for bringing the original Kevlar string to the market. You know Kevlar right? That stuff they make bullet-proof vests out of? Yeah - It's strong!

It was originally designed in collaboration with General-Yo and specifically formulated to last long with their Magnesium yo-yo - The Magnum. It came out so good they had to make more! The mix is specifically formulated from 8 strands of polyester and 2 strands of Kevlar giving it a great feel while still ensuring the durable quality inherent to kevlar.

This string is built tough to last through more than the average wear and tear. There are actual Kevlar threads woven into the string to make it extra durable and break resistant. Originally only available with the General-Yo Magnum we now have a supply here at YoYoExpert in some cool colors!

Each pack of #82 Kevlar String contains 10 strings, but they're so tough you'll only need one!

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