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yoyorecreation - Experience The Original Thrill Of Yo-Yoing With The 5IVE!

Introducing the 5IVE Yo-Yo by Yoyorecreation, crafted by visionary Kengo Kido with the goal of spreading the joy of yo-yoing to all, regardless of skill level.

In an era of advanced yo-yo technology, Kengo Kido aimed to recapture the essence of yo-yos. Kengo envisioned a place where beginners and experts could connect and enjoy yo-yoing together.

The 5IVE isn't about competition glory—it's for everyday enthusiasts seeking more joy and fun in their yo-yoing. With its innovative design, the 5IVE lets players of all levels tackle tricks with ease, transforming spinning, performing, and catching into exhilarating experiences.     

5IVE Specifications:
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Diameter: 57.00 mm / 2.24 inches
Width: 20.00 mm / 0.79 inches
Gap Width: 4.36 mm / 0.17 inches
Weight: 54 grams
Bearing Size:

Size A (5.0x10.0x4.0mm)

Response: Small Response Pads
Material: Polycarbonate
Designed in: Japan


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