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50 Pack - EXPERT Strings
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YoYoExpert - 50 High Quality Polyester Strings produced in Brazil

$ 13.00
Good Yo-Yo string is essential if you want to get the most out of your yo-yo. Luckily we have come a far way from the basic cotton strings your grandfathers had.

These are the brand new custom made EXPERT Strings! Manufactured from an extremely high quality polyester in Brazil by Timeless Yo-Yos these strings are just silky smooth! We find that we get less string burns and that the yo-yos play unresponsive but bind when you need them to. Simply amazing stuff.

Strings are sold in a 'pack of 50' - meaning 50 individual strings of your chosen color. Comes in a reusable plastic container to keep your strings protected and ready to go wherever you go!

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