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Epic Strings
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Epic Strings - Hand Crafted Competition Level Strings

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Epic Strings is a very cool new company based out of California. It was started by an amazing young yo-yo player on the YoYoExpert forums who just was not happy with the strings available to him on the market - so he decided to make his own - after he perfected the process Epic Strings was born.

These strings are made by hand, one at a time, out of the finest material and to the highest standards. Yes each string is expensive. But we challenge to find string like this anywhere else!

Epic Strings has created a few different types of string to meet the needs of all yo-yo players.

Lightning Bolt - Really fast, Tighter Tension, and Super Slick.

Whippy - Super long lasting, Medium Tension, and Perfect for Whips and Slacks.

Magic Threads - Extra Soft, Looser Tension, and Binds Easy.

Whatever your style, there is an Epic String for you. So try out any one of the all new american-made Epic Strings and take your freestyle to the next level!

Note: 5 Packs now available at a special *Introductory Price* - due to increase in material costs the next release will be more expensive so stock up now!

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