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Sochi -   Replacement Response Pads.    

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Sōchí was founded when Luckey Li realized that he needed better, yet cheaper equipment as a competitor. AS a 5-time Canadian National Champion he knows a bit about yoyoing and for a while the idea of starting his own equipment brand sat in the back of his mind, without being acted upon. During the winter season of 2018, Josef Chung, a friend of Luckey’s, came to visit him. Luckey presented the idea and asked if it was a good one or not. The answer was obvious, and Sochi was born.

Pink Pads:
These are our more premium pads, compared to the blue pads. They are very grippy for those tight and snappy binds, but they are noticabely soft and allow for easy regens and regeneration tricks. These are the preferred pads of the entire Sochi team. Not to mention that nice pink color that everyone loves. Pads come in pairs.

Blue Pads:
These are our slightly cheaper pads. They still feel very premium like the pink pads, but at a slightly lower cost. They are very grippy for those tight and snappy binds, but are slightly harder than the pink pads. They still allow for regens and regeneration tricks, however, the pink pads are a little more lenient when it comes to those. They have a nice translucent ocean blue color, for those people that don’t like pink so much. Pads come in pairs.

Your familiar sochi pads, now in new specs to fit your favorite CLYW and A-RT throws.



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