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Spinworthy - Kyle Nations Signature Yo-Yo!

Spinworthy is a new company run out of Australia by our friend Glen who makes some of the best fixed-axle yo-yos around. Glen turns each yo-yo by hand with a impeccable attention to detail and the end product is just fantastic! This is the first Spinworthy model releasing here at YoYoExpert and the signature yo-yo of Fixed-Axle World Champ Kyle Nations - The KNack!

From Spinworthy: Kyle Nations has been a favorite responsive thrower of mine for some time. To me, his tricks represent everything that modern fixed axle yoyo should be; smooth, creative, brimming with finesse with a healthy measure of goof.

Kyle was helping me to tweak an existing model of mine to suit his preferences when I suggested I make him his own signature model from the ground up. Kyle was stoked at the idea and we began discussing and prototyping his ideal wooden fixed axle yoyo. The process was very smooth as we agreed on virtually every aspect of the design. After months, we created the KNack and we couldn’t be happier with it, we hope you will be too!

In the words of Kyle Nations: There's just something about a solid piece of wood and a bit of cotton. For an indoor kid like me, it makes me feel like I'm connected to nature. The Knack isn't just any piece of wood, though. It's my ideal shape, size, and feel in a fixed axle. I hope it's yours, too, and that you make some weird tricks with it.

spinworthy knack

KNack Specifications:
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Diameter: 58.50 mm / 2.3 inches
Width: 34.22 mm / 1.35 inches
Gap Width: 2.31 mm / 0.09 inches
Beech Weight: 47.39 grams
White Oak Weight: 52.49 grams
Bearing Size: Fixed
Response: None
Material: Wood
Designed in: Australia
Made in: Australia
Release Date: January 2020

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