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TMBR - Handmade in the USA.

TMBR is back with a great new release featuring their signature wood thread axle system and a great new look. The Carlson and Carlson CS!

As with all TMBR yo-yos, the naming for their latest model is autobiographical in nature; Carlson is larger than life, comfortable, a little flashy, but never takes itself too seriously. This yo-yo took longer to develop than any other TMBR model, and represents a new style and look with a rounded profile and painted axle caps. It has a wider profile and a comfortable shape with nice high walls that are perfect for your favorite stalls and regens!

The Carlson CS (yellow caps) is the same comfortable profile in a more compact shape!


Carlson Specifications:
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Diameter: Carlson - about 63.22 mm / 2.49 inches
Carlson CS - about 59.09 mm / 2.33 inches
Width: about 37.12 mm / 1.46 inches
Gap Width: about 1.94 mm / 0.08 inches
Carlson Weight: Maple - about 52.81 grams
Ash - about 55.67 grams
White Oak - about 59.47 grams
Carlson CS Weight: Maple - about 43.94 grams
Ash - about 46.46 grams
White Oak - about 46.49 grams
Bearing Size: TMBR Woodthread Axle
Response: None
Material: Wood
Designed in: USA
Made in: USA
Release Date: April 2019

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