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Giulia Spin Top
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Strummol8 - High Performance Machined Delrin Spin Top

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Just as with yo-yos spin top design has taken some huge leaps in improving overall spin quality and trick ability. One of the current and 'finest' brands available is the new Italian based design of 'Strummol8' by Maurizio Petruccioli. We introduce their current 'favorite' top the 'Giulia'!

The Giulia (pronounced Julia) is a beautiful Delrin Spin Top design. Delrin is a unique and incredibly slick type of plastic that is actually machined like the popular metal yo-yos. They carefully cut each Giulia in one fluent pass on the machine to ensure absolute highest precision cut and spin quality. From your first throw the Giulia gives some of the best spin time and just overall control while on your hand or on the string.

Further the 'tips' on these are carefully crafted from high quality steel for durability and performance. The string grips them perfectly and it makes tricks that much easier and more fluent! Parts (spacer and washer) are also included with the Giulia to turn it from the default bearing tip to a 'fixed' tip for more classic style play and ability to perform regenerations (Note: Basic tools required for this are not included). Comes with a cool poker chip 'spin top button' and string along with minimal instruction.

Strummol8 has created some of the finest quality tops available and we highly recommend them for serious spin top players!

One Way Bearing Tips are also now available! Click here to find them!

Note: The Giulia in red, orange, and blue are dyed this color and may wear away if the top comes in hard contact with the ground. The '8' on the top is also a sticker that may come off with use.

Giulia Spin Top Specifications:
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