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sOMEThING -  Lightweight Axles for Maximum Performance!  

$ 7.99

If you're serious about high performance yo-yos then you know every gram counts. sOMEThING Axles are the lightweight solution to maximize the performance of your yo-yo!

The standard stainless steel 8mm axle weighs .5 grams. sOMEThING Titanium Axle weighs roughly .25 grams and even better the Magnesium Doping Axle weighs roughly .15 grams. With a change of almost half a gram you can feel a noticeable difference in play. It may not seem like a big deal to some throwers, but if you want the absolute best then Doping Axles are a crucial upgrade.

Note: Magnesium axles do not have a hex key hole.  And Magnesium is a somewhat softer metal, so be cautious not to over tighten your yo-yo with it installed.


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