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One Drop - 4 Pack - Flow Groove Pads
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One Drop YoYos - It's Like Flowable Silicone Without The Mess!

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Replacement response for One Drop YoYos "Flow Groove" Response.

Standard Flow Groove:

Compatible with all OneDrop Yo-Yos. Dimensions are are .062" thick and .105" wide.

"Slim Pad" Size 19mm OD

Now also available in the industry standard "Slim Pad!" These work great in most other companies. If you aren't sure feel free to contact us!

**One Drop 19mm Flow Groove Pads are slightly thinner than other 19mm pads (Around .70-.80 mm thick compared to the standard 1-1.1 mm thick.)**

4 individual Flow Groove Pads sold per sheet.

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