hilly bros currier

Hildy Brothers The Currier
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Hildy Brothers - Hand Made In Virginia!

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The Hildy Brothers are a group of brothers, Brent, Jon, and Luke, from Virginia who all share a passion for woodworking, design, photography, and of course - yo-yos! They consider themselves "Modern Vagabonds" and that is exactly who they make these beautifully crafted yo-yos for.

The hand-turned American-made Currier was the first Hildy Bros yo-yo available here at YoYoExpert and has become their flagship model. It has the perfect no-frills design and the utilization of different woods really gives these yo-yos a refined look.

The Currier design has been updated! They have implemented a new axle system to make the Currier a take-apart design. It is fitted with a replaceable Maple axle that plays durable and consistent. This 'classic' yet modern throw is ready go whenever you are, just give The Currier one throw and watch it bring out the modern vagabond in you!

The Recess Special Editions feature a body made of maple with a stripe cut from real skateboard decks thrashed by Tyler Severance and Joe Wilson of team Recess!

hilly bros currier

hilly bros currier 

Hildy Brothers The Currier Specifications:
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Diameter: 58.25 mm / 2.25 inches
Width: 30.60 mm / 1 inches
Width: 2.95 mm / .06 inches
Weight: Maple w/ Purple Heart Caps: 54.7g
Solid Maple: 49g
Maple W/ Skateboard Stripe: 51.8g
Axle Type: Fixed Axle

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