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Monkeyfinger -   Cool New Begleri Shape!  

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Have you heard of Begleri? It's a small skill toy made up of weighted beads at either end of a short string. It can be flipped and twirled around the fingers to perform tricks and once you get started the possibilities are endless!

MonkeyfingeR has once again put their signature twist on the begleri with their latest design - Kokonutz!

The initial idea for Kokonutz was to put as much mass low on the bead. This gives the bead a lower center of gravity making it feel heavier on the cords even the beads are relatively light. This improves control and tracking through faster combos and makes speedy transitions a breeze!

Kokonutz are also the first MonkeyfingeR Begleri to come with accessories! You can add on their signature compatible o-rings, Bumperz, to give your begleri a little extra protection and some added grip in play. They also created Monkey Bars, which are weighted beads you can add to your Kokonutz setup for additional weight in play.

MonleyfingeR Begleri now come with the Split-B pouch. This new begleri carrying pouch is designed to separate the begleri beads. This allows you to protect the beads not only from the environment, but also from each other. In other words, they won’t rub against each other or other items while in your pocket.


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