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deHcade - Ed Haponik x TMBR
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TMBR - Throw grace. Catch Joy.

This latest version of the eH synthesizes many of the features from previous designs, while also adding a few new innovations. The gap profile & red oak material evoke the original eH, the wood-thread axle and corners pull in the 2014-17 eHra, and the overall dimensions combine the feeling in hand of the 20-eHteen and PockeHt models.

This edition incorporates a unique raised hub which gives the DeHcade a slightly anti-rim weight distribution (which flips easy and feels terrific on stall-regens) and a deep response groove which tightens response. This feature requires some extra time and attention to break in, but once it does, it’s butter!

The engraving ("throw grace, catch joy") is a mantra I've loved for over a decade. A yo-yo is a toy, but if throwing it helps you lean toward your best self and put some positivity out there, that's a valuable thing. What you send out into the world has a way of returning to you (like a yo-yo) - not always in material terms, but definitely in terms of joy and fulfillment. Since this is the only yo-yo I'm throwing in 2022, I wanted to keep that idea close.

Thanks for supporting the eH and fixed axle yo-yoing in general, and I hope you throw this in good health and fun times.

tmbr dehcade yoyo

deHcade - Ed Haponik x TMBR Specifications:
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Diameter: 60.21 mm / 2.37 inches
Width: 31.13 mm / 1.23 inches
Gap Width: 2.22 mm / 0.09 inches
Weight: 49.60 grams
Bearing Size: Wood Thread Axle System
Response: Wood Thread Axle System
Material: Red Oak
Designed in: USA
Made in: USA
Released: December 2021

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