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Kendama USA Tribute - Bamboo
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Kendama USA - Bamboo Tribute

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The Kendama USA Tribute is a premium kendama with a unique design unlike most traditional kendama models. The Tribute Ken is made of two fixed pieces, it does not disassemble. This design simplifies the stringing process, left handed or right handed, and will prevent the ken from becoming loose over time and wearing like traditional models.

The Bamboo Tribute Kendama has a really cool looking and unique design. It's made from compressed bamboo wood stock that gives it a really beautiful contrasting striped look. The Bamboo tends to have a lighter weight and a smoother feel than the typical Beechwood kens, as well as making a really nice noise during play!

The Painted tamas have a slightly translucent look so you can see the stripes through the paint and are finished with a nice polish to give you just the right amount of slip/stick.

Every Tribute Kendama comes in professional packaging, and includes an instruction manual in English, free stickers, plus a replacement string and bead pack in the box.

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