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44RPM Flat Pack Kendama
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44RPM - Half Model Kit, Half Skill Toy, and 100% Fun!

44RPM is a cool new skill toy company founded by professional yo-yo players Drew Tetz and Hank Freeman. They are creating a collection of lasercut toys exploring the idea of construction & creation as play. Half model kit, half skill toy, they transform from a flat wooden disc into elegant, functional reimaginings of classic toys!

The 44RPM Flatpack Kendama combines the classic toy we all love with the fun of a buildable model kit. Just pop the pieces out & fit them together to build a beautiful & highly functional kendama, great for both expanding your collection & sharpening your skills!

Made and designed in the USA, the Flatpack Kendama is lasercut from a single flat piece of 1/8" Birch wood and packed in a very cool hand-screened record sleeve. This Kendama has a really unique look when assembled, but it's still a kendama and it is designed to be played!

It is worth noting, though, that the Flatpack Kendama construction naturally makes it lighter & more delicate than traditional kendamas. For this reason, we ask that you take care during assembly & while attempting risky tricks.

Pennies not included with the Penny Pack. Glue not required for assembly, but if you plan to play this kendama often it will help with durability.

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