freshly dirty mod44 replacement rims

Mod44 Rims
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Freshly Dirty - Replacement rims for the Mod44.

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The Modular 44 is Freshly Dirty's first yo-yo design with interchangeable rims and now they've released a full line of new options!

These different shape rims give your Mod44 a completely different size, shape, and feel in play. Compatable with both C-bearing and D-bearing Mod44 models. Installed specs are listed in the specs section below.

Mod44 Rims Specifications:
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C-Bearing MOD44
Rim Type: Width: Diameter: Weight:
Cruiser 43.95mm 62.4mm 63.8g
Coupe 41.85mm 55.25mm 61.3g
Tuner 44.55mm 57mm 65.85g
Super Sport 43.55mm 56.6mm 63g
Hatch Back 45.05mm 56.2mm 66.25g
Big Rig 60.65mm 76.65mm 73.7g

D-Bearing MOD44
Rim Type: Width: Diameter: Weight:
Cruiser 44.75mm 62.4mm 63.55g
Coupe 42.65mm 55.25mm 61.05g
Tuner 45.35mm 57mm 65.6g
Super Sport 44.35mm 56.6mm 62.75g
Hatch Back 45.85mm 56.2mm 66g
Big Rig 61.45mm 76.65mm 73.45g

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