docpop lil beeb yoyo counterweight

Lil Beeb Counterweight
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Doctor Popular - Mini YoYo Shaped Counterweight!

Lil’ Beebs are small wooden counterweights in the shape of a yoyo. They are great for new freehand players and really easy to attach/unattached from the string. Simply open up your fingerloop and slide it over the axle of the Lil’ Beeb, then tighten the loop so the counterweight will stay attached.

These are made in America and come in various colors. Since these are made of wood, the weight can vary, but they tend to be between 9 and 10 grams.

The unique shape also enables new trick ideas. Lil Beeb counterweights are great for beginners are are extra durable.

docpop lil beeb yoyo counterweight

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