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Chico Spin Top
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Chico Yo-Yo Company - Perfect Addition To Your Spin Top Arsenal

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The Chico YoYo Company has released their first spin top, and it's a beauty!

This machined spin top is designed for competitive spin top play, and features a delrin body and stainless steel ball-bearing tip. Custom machined to be perfectly balanced, the Chico spin top is truly a player's dream. The body and cap screw apart for easy access to the bearing assembly (and storage of your string and button), and a one-way bearing insert will be available in the near future.

The Chico holds spin no matter what you throw at it, and is incredibly stable. With a unique body shape that is more "egg shaped" than most current spin tops, this is a great addition to your spin top arsenal.

Chico Spin Top Specifications:
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Diameter: 57 mm / 2.25 inches
Height With Tip: 80 mm / 3.15 inches
Weight: 88.5 grams

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