clyw x iyoyo pixel bearing

CLYW x iYoYo Pixel Bearing
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Caribou Lodge - CLYW x iYoYo Collaboration Bearing!

Every modern yo-yo is only as good as the bearing inside, and yo-yo bearings just got a little better!  This is the new Pixel Bearing!

The Pixel Bearing is a collaboration between CLYW and iYoYo, inspired by their search for the perfect bearing. Their team members expect the very best, and the 8-step design brings a new level of performance to yo-yo bearings. These unique centering bearings play ultra smooth and quiet and once they break in you're in for a treat with some of the best spin time modern bearings can offer!

Please note - Pixel Bearings come lightly lubed from the factory. While you are free to clean your bearing for maximum performance, CLYW & iYoYo HIGHLY recommend that you break in your Pixel Bearing with play, and allow the lube to naturally settle and break down. This will result in a longer life, longer spins, and smoother play.

pixel bearing

pixel bearings

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