Voodoo Ape Grapes
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Monkeyfinger -   Fun New Pocket Sized Skill Toy!  

Have you heard of Begleri? It's a small skill toy made up of weighted beads at either end of a short string. It can be flipped and twirled around the fingers to perform tricks and once you get started the possibilities are endless!

MonkeyfingeR put their signature twist on the begleri design with their all new Ape Grapes! The Ape Grapes shape is all about slimming things down for maximum speed around your finger while maintaining that crucial weight. They are perfectly balanced, fast moving, and available in your favorite MonkeyfingeR Design colors!

The VooDoo Series: MonkeyfingeR took a hard look at the original begleri from thousands of years ago and sent their mascot Cranky on a mission to put their unique twist on the classic! He returned with a whole new look and a darker angle that they never saw coming. He managed to shrink down both the Ape Grapes and KOKOnutz, VooDoo style, making them stackable. It’s the foundation feature of MoonkeyfingeR;s new VooDoo series. The new VooDoo begleri's are designed to click and clack just like the originals from ancient Greece. The VooDoo series comes with 4 beads instead of 2, made slightly smaller and stackable, that are still compatible with MFD Monkeybarz weights! Play them single for a lightweight feel or double them up for twice the fun!



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