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Duncan Freehand AL
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Duncan - High End Aluminum Performance

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The Duncan AL is one of the most highly anticipated yo-yos to be released this year. When Duncan unleashed the original Freehand to the masses it immediately took the yo-yo world by storm and ever since yo-yo players have been calling for Duncan to create an aluminum Freehand. And here it is, after all the years of waiting it is finally here, the amazing aluminum edition of the classic Freehand - The Freehand AL!

The Freehand Al pays tribute to the ever popular Freehand Mg by sticking with the clever element themed name and the same classic, organic shape keeps true to the original Freehand. The organic butterfly shape provides for a super floaty and fun play style while still giving it enough speed and maneuverability to compete with modern throws.

To match the build and design of the original Freehand MG the Freehand Al was also machined in Japan. Then they took it one step further and outfitted it with a size C bearing, slim pads, and removable side caps so it can compete in the modern competitive yo-yo scene.

The Duncan Freehand Al fuses classic yo-yo style with modern, competition level play. So if you're looking for a new throw you can't go wrong with the time tested Freehand name!

Duncan Freehand AL Specifications:
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Diameter: 57 mm / 2.24 inches
Width: 41 mm / 1.61 inches
Gap Width: 4.6 mm / .18 inches
Weight: 69.9 grams (With Caps)
64.5 grams (Without Caps)
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: 19mm Silicone Slim Pads

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