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Adegle Formosa V2
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Adegle - Striking The Sweet Spot Between Balance And Speed.

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Adegle, Taiwan's first high-end yo-yo company, and creator of the Formosa, has re-created and improved upon this popular wide professional throw with the Formosa V2.

The Formosa was a great yo-yo, but with a few tweaks, Adegle has introduced an even better one. The Formosa V2 is a yo-yo with an exaggerated gap and a stepped response area for easy string catches, and large rounded halves that feel great in the hand. Although it is a wide yo-yo, it is not too heavy, striking the sweet spot between balance and speed.

This is the improved version 2 of the Formosa featuring a larger Size C (.250 x .500 x .187) bearing and silicone response pads for a more advanced unresponsive setup out of the box!

Adegle Formosa V2 Specifications:
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Diameter: 54.08 mm / 2.13 inches
Width: 47.78 mm / 1.88 inches
Weight: 65.7 grams
Bearing Size: Stainless Steel Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: Adegle Silicone Response Pad
"Slim Pad" Size 19mm OD

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