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2SickYoYos - Devin Jones Signature Yo-Yo!

From 2SickYoYos: Serenity is a 6061 mono-metal yoyo designed as a signature model for our team member Devin Jones (@djones_yoyo on IG). We worked together to create a great performing design at an amazing price!

When beginning the design process Devin wanted to make something with a competition focus. Something with suburb performance, something eye catching, and something that would be affordable for players to grab multiples for competition sets. After a couple months of back and forth we went with the design that you see before you. Fast, stable, and powerful - Everything a modern competitor needs.

Serenity is a name that Devin gravitated towards quickly in the design process. He describes yoyoing as his getaway time to relax and make himself happy and he's happy to share that with everyone through his new signature yo-yo!



Serenity Specifications:
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Diameter: 56.29 mm / 2.22 inches
Width: 46.97 mm / 1.85 inches
Gap Width: 4.77 mm / 0.19 inches
Weight: 65.73 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: 19mm Slim Pad Size
Material: 6061 Aluminum
Designed in: USA
Made in: China
Release Date: November 2019

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