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2SickYoYos - Innovative New Bi-Metal Design!

When it came to this design, 2SickYoYos founder Joey already had a bi-metal design in mind, but he wanted to do something different than what was already available - Something truly unique. And that's exactly what he did! The KNIGHT!

This is a competition ready bi-metal design unlike any other on the market.  This yo-yo features a unique and first of it's kind aluminum body/stainless steel ring design. Instead of placing the ring on the rim or on the inside of the cup, the Knight's ring is actually fitted in the rim of the aluminum body. This pushes the weight of the steel further to the outside of the rim and reduces the risk of the ring moving if the yo-yo gets knocked around a bit. And it gives the Knight a really fresh look!

The Knight is full sized, wide, and light. The steel weight ring gives it a powerful spin and an insane amount of stability that helps keep the yo-yo on plane through longer complex tricks. It has a nice v-shape profile and a fingerspin guiding ring in the cup that you may recognize from other 2Sick designs. Finished with a grind friendly blast and a variety of cool acid washes - The Knight is sure to impress!

The Knight isn't just another bi-metal, this cool new design is a real breakthrough with the performance to back it up!

Knight Specifications:
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Diameter: 55.00 mm / 2.16 inches
Width: 43.25 mm / 1.70 inches
Gap Width: 4.60 mm / .18 inches
Weight: 64.00 grams
Bearing Size: Centering Bearing
Size C (5x10x4 mm)
Response: 19m Slim Pad Size
Designed in: USA
Made in: China

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