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C3YoYoDesign Initiator
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C3yoyodesign - Contest Ready 2A Yo-Yo Designed by Champions!

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C3yoyodesign makes some of the best 1A and 4A yo-yos in the world used by yo-yo players to compete at the highest level of competition. The only thing missing in their winning yo-yo lineup is a 2A model, and this is it! The Initiator!

The Initiator is the result of over a year of development and testing with 2A World Champion Takuma Yamamoto and a team of champions throughout Hong Kong and Japan. They wanted this yo-yo to be the ideal contest ready yo-yo, and after throwing it we think they did it!

2A yo-yos look simple and tend to have similar shapes in design, but there's a lot that goes into designing a really good one. Gap width, spacer size, and starburst height. These may seem like small things but C3yoyodesign considered every aspect of their latest 2A design before they were happy with the final product.

The Initiator inexactly what they envisioned, a competition ready 2A yo-yo that will perform for players of all skill levels without any modifications!

NOTE: C3 has updated the Initiator design to fall in line with the current competitors play style. The Initiator no longer comes with plastic spacers and they don't recommend using the plastic spacers in this new run - The metal are perfect.

C3YoYoDesign Initiator Specifications:
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Diameter: 58.62 mm / 2.31 inches
Width: Plastic Spacer 35.02 mm / 1.38 inches
Metal Spacer 35.97 mm / 1.42 inches
Gap Width: 2.70 mm / .11 inches
Weight: 53.25 grams
Bearing Size: Raider Bearing
Response: Starburst Response

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