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Oxy Megatron

Oxy Megatron

Oxy Megatron Oxy Megatron Oxy Megatron Oxy Megatron Oxy Megatron
Oxy Megatron
Oxy Megatron Stats:
Diameter: 54 mm / 2.12 inches
Width: 44.65 mm / 1.75 inches
Gap Width: 4.45 mm / .17 inches
Weight: 65.3 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Dif-e-yo Konkave Bearing
Response: Oxy Silicone Ring


Oxygene - Maximal Inertia + Titanium Core

Oxygène proudly presents the MEGATRON. Signature yo-yo of the six time Italian National Yo-Yo Champion Lorenzo Sabatini. Built to Lorenzo’s specifications Megatron is a true string trick machine.

The shape of the Megatron came about with the desire to position as much mass precisely in the places needed to maximize inertia. Oxy found even with the most precise machining it was hard to get the consistant quality they required for production. But after five prototypes they finally hit the perfect mix and Megatron was born.

The Megatron also features a titanium core to ensure no stripping of the inner threads themselves so you can play this yo-yo tough and not worry about unscrewing it to take out a few knots. Extra room in the yo-yo was left open to ensure ease of use for finger grinds and horizontal play.

Available in some stunning solid colors and a few limited SPLASH editions. Megatron is another amazing yo-yo designed and produced all in Italy.Back OrderOXY_MEGA
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