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Toxic Strings Sampler Pack

Toxic Strings Sampler Pack


Toxic Strings Sampler Pack Toxic Strings Sampler Pack

Sampler Pack

Toxic Strings - 7 String Sampler Pack

Good Yo-Yo string is essential if you want to get the most out of your yo-yo. Luckily we have come a far way from the basic cotton strings your grandfathers had.

YoYoExpert is proud to offer the amazing Toxic Strings.

Toxic string is 100% Polyester and is handmade and long lasting. They have a really unique feel to them and they also seem to last a very long time! Excellent for whips, slacks and anyone who enjoys throwing.

The Toxic Sampler Pack offers you the chance to try the entire Toxic String lineup at one low Price. The pack includes 1 Normal, 1 BG1, 1 Dragon, 1 Gr3at White, 1 Snakes, 1 Thick Metz, and 1 Thin Metz Strings. Try them all and find out which one is best for you!
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