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CLYW Puffin

CLYW Puffin


Rafmagn ($155):
CLYW Puffin CLYW Puffin CLYW Puffin
CLYW Puffin CLYW Puffin CLYW Puffin
Palli Edition ($145):
CLYW Puffin CLYW Puffin CLYW Puffin
CLYW Puffin Stats:
Diameter: 53.35 mm / 2.10 inches
Width: 44.50 mm / 1.75 inches
Gap Width: 4.25 mm / .16 inches
Weight: 65.7 grams
Bearing Size: Size C Center Trac Bearing
Response: CLYW Snow Tires


CLYW - Signature Series of Páll Valdimar Guðmundsson Kolka

Pizza, Parties, and good times. The Puffin is Caribou Lodge's true party animal and whether or not Dirtbag Yeti 'approves', this is a throw that is sure to be never ending fun!

The Puffin is Palliís signature return top (aka PŠll Valdimar Guūmundsson Kolka) all the way from Iceland! It is the ultimate combo of two of the best throws CLYW has ever created: the Peak and the Chief.

The profile for the Puffin was based off of the Peak, while the inner rims was inspired by the double rings of the Chief to help distribute the rim weight. This combination created a super quick and stable return top that is perfect for Palliís technical tricks. For the Puffin they also made the gap width the largest they have done to date at 4.5mm!

The Puffin can handle anything you throw at it Ö long tech, crazy lacerations, horizontals, fun times Ö itís Palliís number one choice for contests and is quickly becoming the favourite throw for the CLYW team!
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