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RecRev Octave - 3rd Gen

RecRev Octave - 3rd Gen

RecRev Octave - 3rd Gen RecRev Octave - 3rd Gen RecRev Octave - 3rd Gen RecRev Octave - 3rd Gen RecRev Octave - 3rd Gen RecRev Octave - 3rd Gen
RecRev Octave - 3rd Gen Stats:
Diameter: 56.55 mm / 2.22 inches
Width: 42.80 mm / 1.68 inches
Gap Width: 4.90 mm / .19 inches
Weight: 67.1 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Crucial Grooved Bearing
Response: RecRev Silicone Response

Octave - 3rd Generation

RecRev - A new spin on the classic Octave

The 3rd Generation Octave is RecRevs most recent reincarnation of their classic, flagship yo-yo, The Octave. The original Octave has always been a favorite here at YoYoExpert, but after throwing their newest adaptation we can tell you with confidence that this 3rd Generation Octave Blows its predecessor out of the water!

RecRev took what they liked from the original Octave, the rounded shape and wide catch zone, and then decided to give the 3rd Generation Octave a more modern personality. They added a nice cut on the inner sides of the yo-yo to push more weight to the rims, and as you know, more rim weight means more stability. The increased stability boosts spin time and makes this throw even better for horizontal play style variations. They also cut down the weight to increase the speed of the 3rd Generation Octave so you can wow the crowds with that quick trick combo.

This yo-yo is the perfect throw for anyone looking to amp up their freestyle routine. So step into the modern yo-yo world with the completely overhauled 3rd Generation Octave!In StockRREV_OCTVE
In Stock

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