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Monkeyfinger Gorillius Lubricus Lube

Monkeyfinger Gorillius Lubricus Lube

Monkeyfinger Gorillius Lubricus Lube

Gorillius Lubricus

MonkeyFinger - Conditions, Lubricates and Refurbishes the Steel in Ball Bearings

Introducing MonkeyFinger's new custom bearing lube - Gorillius lubricus! This product is not just an oil but also acts as a bearing conditioner. Gorillius lubricus conditions, lubricates and refurbishes the steel in ball bearings for a quieter longer lasting bearing!

Gorillius Lubricus has a high viscosity index providing an excellent response at both high and very low ambient temperatures.

This oil has excellent rust and corrosion protection as well as outstanding wear protection. Comes in a 1 Oz squeeze bottle complete with drop applicator for easy lubing!

Note:Keep in mind any 'lube' on a completely clean bearing will just slightly slow down the bearing. Bearings will eventually spin completely smooth again once the lube is broken in. Adding lube is actually a good thing as it will increase the overall life span of the bearing.Back OrderMONKEY_LUBE
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