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Vulto Glitch

Vulto Glitch

Vulto Glitch Vulto Glitch Vulto Glitch Vulto Glitch Vulto Glitch
Vulto Glitch Stats:
Diameter: 55.86 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 40.17 mm / 1.58 inches
Gap Width: 4.80 mm / .19 inches
Weight: 69.3 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
YYJ Speed Bearing (5x10x4 mm)
Response: YYJ Silicone O-Ring
Also Compatible W/ CBC or K-Pad
(Slim Pad Size)


Vulto - Glitch

The Glitch is a minimalist yo-yo made with precision aluminum.

The Glitch is smooth, excellent for grinds, suicides, whips and long tricks. It was designed to handle everything with a compact size.

The yo-yo uses silicone pads that can be removed or swapped. The yo-yo can be as unresponsive as you want.

The Glitch is produced with precision aluminum anodized with an intense black texture. The metal is cut in custom blocks to avoid loss of material. Each yo-yo is tested and packaged in a velvet bag to protect the surface.
Glitch is packaged in metal tins. Not only are the tins useful and double as a case for the yoyo, but they are also recyclable.

The Glitch was designed by Vulto in a collaborative project directed by product designer Mario Troise with collaboration from Doc Pop, Iklódi Tamás, Justin Weber, Edy Kauan and Caie Perez.

Note: Glitch has a slight vibration. They are discounted $10 to reflect this.Back OrderVULTO_GLITCH
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$30.00 / $65.00

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