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Crucial Milkshake

Crucial Milkshake

Crucial Milkshake Crucial Milkshake Crucial Milkshake Crucial Milkshake Crucial Milkshake
Crucial Milkshake Stats:
Diameter: 74.15 mm / 2.91 inches
Width: 60.89 mm / 2.39 inches
Gap Width: 3.2 mm / .12 inches
Weight: 78.9 grams
Bearing Size: Crucial Grooved Bearing Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Stainless Steel Bearing
Response: Silicone Ghost Pad


Crucial - Crucial's first official Offstring Throw!

Crucial was one of the first yo-yo companies to start making yo-yos out of Delrin, a high tech plastic used in mechanical and electrical engineering. It is primarily used in precision parts that require a high level of stability and a low level of friction.

The Milkshake is Crucial's first off string throw. This venture into off string play is a completely logical next step: the stiffness and stability of Delrin plastic is perfect in a yo-yo designed for those taking up 4A. Furthermore, the Milkshake's design is flawlessly executed. It is a well-rounded yo-yo; sturdy without feeling too heavy, wide and balanced with a hearty spin.

The Milkshake's look and performance are the result of its unusual materials and elegant design. To top it all off, the Milkshake is made in the USA. Comes in a very cool custom stitched Crucial fabric bag too!

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