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YoYoRec DS Bearing

YoYoRec DS Bearing

YoYoRec DS Bearing YoYoRec DS Bearing YoYoRec DS Bearing
Gold, Platinum Plated:
YoYoRec DS Bearing YoYoRec DS Bearing
YoYoRec DS Bearing

DS Bearing

YoYoRecreation - Double Straight String Centering Bearing!

Yoyorecreation is known for making some of the best performing yo-yos on the market, and they designed their new DS Bearing to the same standards of precision and perfection as every one of their yo-yos.

The DS (Double Straight) Bearing is a double angled bearing designed to center the string. It was created to perform at a competition level and that is exactly what it does!

The DS Bearing has a more gradual angle than some other centering bearings out there so it gently centers the string during play instead of just forcing it which provides a much smoother feel on the string.

With yo-yo design evolving so rapidly and yo-yo contests getting more and more competitive you can't trust any random bearing in your high performance yo-yo - You need an equally high performing bearing.

**Gold and Platinum Plated DS Bearings are Manufactured by NSK Micro!Back OrderYYR_DS
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