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IYYC Breathe

IYYC Breathe

IYYC Breathe IYYC Breathe IYYC Breathe IYYC Breathe IYYC Breathe
IYYC Breathe
IYYC Breathe Stats:
Diameter: 55.22 mm / 2.17 inches
Width: 45.60 mm / 1.79 inches
Gap Width: 3.5 mm / .14 inches
Weight: 68.0 grams
Bearing Size: One Drop 10 Ball Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: One Drop Standard Flow Groove Response


Innovative Yo-Yo Concepts - Ground-Breaking Design Meets High End Performance!

IYYC was founded by long time yo-yo player Ian Cole who retired from the competitive yo-yo scene to pursue a career in architecture and design. When he realized he could combine both his passions, yo-yos and design, he went into it with a mission to create the most ground-breaking yo-yos on the market. And from the looks of the first design, The Breathe, we think he's done it!

It all started with an amazing idea for a beautiful yo-yo design unlike any other, but with no idea how it could be created. So Ian teamed up with engineer Mike Baudrexl who developed amazing new yo-yo manufacturing techniques that allowed for his innovative yo-yo dream to become a reality!

The Breathe just looks and feels so special, when you hold it you can tell how much thought and hard work work went into creating such a beautifully unique yo-yo. And it is more than just a beautiful looking throw, this one of a kind yo-yo masterpiece is a true competitor built for the modern yo-yo scene. The unique cut out design gives it an amazing weight distribution and feel that you just can't get with standard yo-yo machining techniques.

The IYYC Breathe will completely change the way you view modern yo-yo design!

Note: Due to the unique design factor and finish of the BREATHE yo-yo it is recommended to keep a close eye on string wear during play. If the string is not kept centered on the bearing it may wear at a faster rate. In StockIYYC_BREATHE
In Stock



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