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Twisted Stringz - Trixta

Twisted Stringz - Trixta


Twisted Stringz - Trixta Twisted Stringz - Trixta Twisted Stringz - Trixta Twisted Stringz - Trixta


Twisted Stringz - Trick The Competition

The newest addition to the Twisted Stringz lineup has finally arrived here at YoYoExpert -The Amazing Trixta!

The all new Twisted Stringz Trixta feels as if their Type E string got bitten by a radioactive spider and miraculously gained some sort of yo-yo string related super powers. Or if you took Type E and jacked it up on performance enhancing steroids. Either way, the bottom line is it's Really Good, Really Really Good! Trixta has the same soft feel as Type E but with a few extra threads added to make it slightly thicker, and a tighter twist which improves the tension. The increased thickness and tension means tighter binds and a longer lasting string that is perfect for any style.

Be a Trickster and baffle the competition with the all new Twisted Stringz Trixta!
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