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Duncan yo-yos are widely recognized as the finest yo-yos in the entire world. Since 1929, the name "Duncan" has been synonymous with "yo-yo" across the United States. The Hard Core Line yo-yos represent the top-of-the-line for professional players and competitors worldwide. With the entire Counterweight line Duncan Hard Core yo-yos are used by competitors at the World Yo-Yo Contest, as well as National championships around the world.

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  Duncan Proyo  
Price: $4.50
The Proyo by Duncan is a great introductory yo-yo for players looking to just do the basics.
  Duncan ProFly  
Price: $5.25
The ProFly by Duncan is a great introductory yo-yo for players looking to just do the basics.
  Duncan Butterfly XT  
Price: $6.50
Looking for that great beginners yo-yo at price tag that won't break the bank? Look no further then the Butterfly XT!
  Duncan Mosquito  
Price: $8.50
If you are looking for a great beginner ball bearing yo-yo at a low price the Mosquito might be for you!
  Duncan Pulse  
Price: $8.99
Best light up yo-yo on the market.
  Duncan Pro Z  
Price: $10.00
With the PRO-Z Duncan has engineered one of the first shape changing yo-yos with the addition of a unique MOD spacer system!
  Duncan Speed Beetle  
Price: $9.99
A great beginners looping yo-yo the Speed Beetle is built for fast play.

  Duncan Flying Squirrel  
Price: $10.99
The Flying Squirrel may be undersized but don't let its cute looks deceive you.
  Duncan Dragon Fly  
Price: $11.99
The Duncan Dragon Fly is an excellent introduction to basic string tricks and ball bearing play.
  Duncan Bumble Bee  
Price: $11.99
The Bumble Bee is an all time classic great for beginners and looping!
  Duncan Freakhand  
Price: $14.99
Introducing the Freakhand™ series! A Freakish twist on the popular Freehand™ yo-yo.
  Duncan Freehand 2  
Price: $14.99
Duncan Freehand is an excellent choice for the beginner or intermediate available in some great colors!
  Duncan Flying Panda  
Price: $16.99
Up, Up, and Away. Flying Panda Offstring Yo-Yo for big throws and catches.
  Duncan Freehand Zero  
Price: $17.99
Duncan's premiere string trick and counterweight yo-yo on the market.
  Duncan Throw Monkey  
Price: $17.99
A great beginners yo-yo for counterweight play.
  Duncan Hornet  
Price: $18.00
The Duncan Hornet is the first looping yoyo from Duncan Toys specifically designed for high-end competition play, and it's a huge leap forward for Duncan!
  Duncan Flipside  
Price: $19.99
The all new Flipside features a 'patent pending' ball-bearing spacer system that allows yo-yo players to use either a small OR large ball-bearing in a single model!
  Duncan Hayabusa  
Price: $21.99
A new and exciting experience in offstring play.
  Duncan Metal Racer  
Price: $29.99
The aluminum Metal Racer is a responsive high-wall metal yo-yo that is just a blast to play with. It is the perfect yo-yo for a beginner who wants the solid feel of a metal yo-yo or an advanced player who loves the classic style of play.
  Duncan Light Up Freehand Zero  
Price: $24.99
The new light up Freehand Zero is the BEST string trick light up yo-yo on the market!
  Duncan Metal Drifter  
Price: $24.99
Duncan yo-yos proudly present the 'Metal Drifter' - the cheapest aluminum yo-yo currently available!
  Duncan Skyhawk  
Price: $34.99
The Duncan SkyHawk is a top performing 4A monster for everyone from beginners to professionals. And with the unique new spacer system you can switch between Size C or Size A bearing!
  Duncan Torque  
Price: $45.00
The Torque is a powerhouse of a yo-yo - The stepped V-shape, the rim focused weight distribution, the wide catch zone, and even an inner ring for finger spins! Everything you can ask for in a high performance yo-yo!
  Duncan Echo 2  
Price: $25.00
Adding to the De-Luxxe series of high performance aluminum yo-yos, Duncan is proud to announce the release of the new precision machined Echo 2 yo-yo.
  Duncan Strix  
Price: $55.00
Kohta Watanabe of Duncan Crew Japan is a legend in yo-yoing and his new signature series yo-yo the Strix is bound to be a true success.
  Duncan Barracuda  
Price: $109.99
Be careful fellow yoyoers there is a new fish in school, and its name is, Barracuda.
  Duncan Momentum  
Price: $109.99
The amazingly stable design that allows the player to hold the yo-yo while spinning.
  Duncan Triumph  
Price: $114.99
With three world championship wins under his belt you can say that Hank knows a few things about yo-yos, and the new Duncan Triumph is everything he looks for in a competition level yo-yo!
  Duncan Freehand AL  
Price: $115.00
The Freehand Al pays tribute to the ever popular Freehand Mg by sticking with the clever element themed name and the same classic, organic shape keeps true to the original Freehand.
  Duncan Magnetude  
Price: $115.00
The cool new magnetic system in the Magnetude lets you can create some amazing new tricks that no one has ever seen before!
  Duncan Venom Kendama  
Price: $25.00
The Venom Kendama is a solid choice for any kendama player, beginner or expert, looking to take their game to the next level!
  Duncan Komodo Kendama  
Price: $18.00
The Komodo Kendama is a solid choice for any kendama player, beginner or expert, looking to try out a new kendama!
  Duncan Lube  
Price: $5.00
Lube to help maintain your yo-yo bearings and keep them smooth spinning.
  Duncan Heritage DVD  
Price: $12.00
Discover an amazing story by joining Duncan Yo-Yo Professionals of past and present as they share their memories, history, and heritage of one of the world's most popular toys, the Duncan Yo-Yo.
  Duncan Spin Top Parts Kit  
Price: $7.00
Replacement Parts for your Spin Top!

  Duncan Silicone Groove (SG) Stickers  
Price: $4.00
This is replacement response for your silicone groove Duncan yo-yos. Compatible with any yo-yos that use the CBC Slim Pad Size 19mm OD.
  Duncan Parts Box  
Price: $25.00
It is time to get organized with the all new Duncan Yo-Yo Parts Kit!
  How to be a Yo-Yo Ninja DVD  
Price: $12.00
Are you ready to become a yo-yo ninja? All competition level yo-yo styles of play are covered in this dvd and is great for both beginners and experts!
  Duncan T-Shirt  
Price: $15.00

  Duncan Presents: A New Level  
Price: $19.99
Finally, a video for Truly ADVANCED players! Whether you learn all the tricks or just steal a few elements from them, this video will take your skills to A NEW LEVEL!"
  Duncan Friction Stickers  
Price: $5.00
Friction Sticker Response System for your Duncan Yo-Yo.
  Duncan Trick Book  
Price: $5.50
Learn basic and freehand tricks with cool art by Duncan!
  Duncan Yo-Yo Gloves  
Price: $11.99
Protect your hands with the Duncan Yo-Yo Glove.
  Duncan Bearing and Parts Kit  
Price: $4.00
Replacement bearings and spacers for Duncan yo-yos.
  Duncan Counterweight Set  
Price: $6.00
Counterweight set for any yo-yo!
  Duncan Bearing King Spin Top  
Price: $12.99
The Bearing King is one of the best designed bearing tops on the market used by pros everywhere!
  Duncan RipCord Spin Top  
Price: $10.00
We highly recommend the RipCord as a great 'introduction' to top spinning.
  Duncan Aluminum Performance Weight Ring  
Price: $9.99
Duncan's new Aluminum Performance Weight Rings are the perfect mod to give your favorite yo-yos a fresh new feel and really amp up performance! They add extra weight exactly where it is needed on the yo-yo to increase spin time and stability.
  Duncan Mod Spacers  
Price: $4.50
Duncan release their official MOD spacer system! Take some of your favorite Duncan yo-yos and MOD them for wider string trick or offstring play!
  Duncan Light Up Counterweight  
Price: $5.00
This new counterweight from Duncan makes your Freehand tricks look like magic in the dark!
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