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YoYoFactory was born in 2004 with a focus on functional technology to improve the playing experience. This has been a goal of the company which relies on the experience gathered from over 30 years of demonstrating yoyos around the planet. The end result is a durable, reliable, unique experience for every user in every undeniable YoYoFactory product.

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  YYF Elec-Trick Spin Top  
Price: $10.00
The Elec-Trick is a great choice if you're interested in spin tops. This bearing tipped top offers professional level performance at an entry level price!
  YYF Short Circuit Spin Top  
Price: $6.00
The YoYoFactory Short Circuit is the perfect spintop to learn with. The low wide shape provides great stability through tricks and a great feel on the throw.

  YYF LOOP 360  
Price: $8.00
YoYoFactory wants everyone to have a chance to experience the world of looping with their new Loop 360.
  YYF Starbrite - Neon Collection  
Price: $10.00 / $15.99
The StarBrite is a new advanced string trick yo-yo and is exclusively part of YoYoFactory's one time only production of the Neon Collection!
  YoYoFactory Legend  
Price: $10.00
YoYoFactory decided that while they were having a blast pushing the boundaries of what a modern yo-yo is capable of, they wanted to pay homage to where yo-yos started out.
  YYF Whip  
Price: $10.99
A true game changer. Now everyone can afford a yo-yo to take themselves to advanced tricks!
Price: $9.99
The goal with the ONE yo-yo was to bring a yo-yo to the table that was basic and easy to understand, a solid performer, and to offer it at a phenomenal price point.
  YYF Fast 201  
Price: $9.99
The FAST 201 will give you a great introduction to ball bearing yo-yos and basic tricks.
  YYF Stainless Steel Whistling Yo-Yo  
Price: $12.99
With YoYoFactory logos pressed into both sides and a stainless steel ball bearing, the Steel whistling yo-yo is a phenomenal choice for collectors and players alike!
  YYF Replay - Responsive  
Price: $14.99
The Replay is a signature YoYoFactory model that anyone can use! It combines the body of the competition winning Replay PRO with the inner workings of YoYoFactory's best beginner models to create a high performance yo-yo for players of any skill level!
  YYF Pocket Change  
Price: $13.95
A cheap plastic yo-yo with the intermediate to advanced player in mind! Also compatible with the YoYoFactory Offstring yo-yo.
  YYF ONEstar  
Price: $9.99 / $14.99
Using the popular shape of the Protostar and the unbelievably durable material of the ONE, the ONEstar is pure performance at a budget price.
  YYF Velocity  
Price: $14.99
For years the Velocity has been the choice of beginner and intermediate yo-yo players and now with the new Velocity it just got even better!
  YYF Replay PRO  
Price: $15.99
The Replay Pro outplays just about any yo-yo in it's price range and once you start throwing it you'll completely forget that you're shredding through your hardest combos with a $15 plastic yo-yo!
  YoYoFactory One Starter Set  
Price: $18.99
It is important to start out the right way with a yo-yo that plays responsive and can grow with you. The YoYoFactory Starter Set gives you exactly that and more!
  YoYoFactory NINE Dragons  
Price: $74.99
This yo-yo features a free spinning body, made possible through an innovative triple bearing design, that allows you to literally hold the yo-yo body while it's spinning!
  YoYoFactory DayDream  
Price: $19.99
The Daydream is a fun change of pace form your typical plastic yo-yo. If you're looking for something new to round out your collection you're going to love the Daydream!
  YYF Hubstack YoYo  
Price: $19.99
With the YYF patented hubstack technology, you donít even need to throw the yo-yo to get it started! Just hold the hubstacks, give the string a pull, and feel the gyroscopic power!
  YYF Speed Dial  
Price: $20.00
The Speed Dial from YoYoFactory is a stunning yo-yo - built to play and impress!
  YYF LOOP 1080  
Price: $23.99
Champions Collection:
Whether you are a top level 2A player looking for the best looping yo-yo or a beginner looking to take your looping skills to the next level, the Loop1080 has a setting for you.

Price: $14.99 / $23.99
Paying homage to the father of 5A Mr Steve Brown the Die Nasty is now available in GLOW!
  YYF Flight  
Price: $24.99
The Flight is the first YoYoFactory yo-yo designed for competitive 4A freestyle play and they nailed it! This is one of the best offstring yo-yos we have thrown in a while. Floaty, fast, maneuverable, and really fun to play!
Price: $30.00
This is not your typical undersized yo-yo. You have never experienced a yo-yo that plays like this right out of the box and at this price! If you're looking for a new pocket throw then look no further!
  YYF Grind Machine  
Price: $29.99
The all new Grind Machine yo-yo is the first plastic yo-yo to feature YoYoFactory's hub stacks. A real player!
  YYF Counter Attack  
Price: $18.99 / $30.99
Built off a Grind Machine body with precision metal weight rings for long spins and complete unresponsive play.
  YYF DV888 Starter Set  
Price: $35.00
It is important to start out the right way with a yo-yo that plays responsive and can grow with you. The YoYoFactory DV888 Starter Set gives you exactly that and more!
  YYF ProtoStar  
Price: $34.99
YoYoFactory went on a quest to build a yo-yo with a plastic body that was capable of playing with the best all metal yo-yos out there.
  YYF DV888  
Price: $30.00
The all affordable metal yo-yo with amazing play on the string.
  YYF Aluminum Dream  
Price: $45.00
The Aluminum Dream may have been created as a byproduct of the Titanium Dream project, but it plays so good that it stands on it's own in the YoYoFactory line!

  YYF Czech Point  
Price: $45.00
The Czech Point is a sleek simple design with the perfect mix of stability, spin time, and maneuverability! Ideal for any play style and a welcome addition to the already amazing lineup of affordable competition level yo-yos from YoYoFactory!
  YYF Regen  
Price: $45.00
With a shape based on the popular Super G, the Regen is super long spinning, super stable, and so smooth that it will immediately change your mind about plastic! This is the first and final release so get them while they last!
  YYF Horizon  
Price: $45.00
This amazing signature yo-yo was created to perfectly compliment the intense and innovative play style that Paul Kerbel brings to the table. The Horizon is oversized, powerfully stable, and extremely long spinning with a passion for finger spins!
  YYF Too HOT  
Price: $44.99
This is the Official Release of the Too HOT! Harold Owens III and the guys at YoYoFactory have refined the original H.O.T.! One throw and you will agree it is TOO HOT!
  YYF Shutter  
Price: $44.99
It takes more than a great yoyo to be a champion, but a great yo-yo is something every champion needs. Signature throw of Team YoYoFactory's Gentry Stein.
  ProtoStar x 1080 Combo  
Price: $49.99
Start your 1A and 2A journey off on the right foot with the right equipment. Get the top performing plastic YoYoFactory Protostar and 2 of the crowd favorite Loop 1080s for one amazing price!
  YYF Genesis  
Price: $45.00
Maximum stability, maximum spin, and maximum performance - That's what the Genesis brings to the table. The Genesis was made to perform and that's what it does! It's time for less throws and more tricks with the new Genesis!
  YYF Dogma  
Price: $51.99
The Dogma has a perfectly balanced weight distribution that gives it a super stable and long lasting spin while keeping it very maneuverable and nimble feeling on the string!
  YYF Cypher  
Price: $60.00
This is a full sized yo-yo with a unique and comfortable shape that just begs you to keep on throwing. Fitted with a Center Trac Bearing and a beautiful smooth finish, The Cypher will quickly make its way to the top of your daily throw list!
  YYF Cyborg 2.0  
Price: $64.99
The Cyborg 2.0 is an excellent second edition to an already great yo-yo! Signature yo-yo for 3A machine Patrick Borgerding, the Cyborg 2.0 is an excellent choice for 3A but feels perfectly comfortable for any style you choose!
  YYF Shu-Ta  
Price: $64.99
Introducing the SHU-TA - a collaboration signature Yo-Yo between two sides of the world - Gentry Stein in the USA and Shu Takada from Japan.
  YYF Mighty Flea  
Price: $64.99
Don't judge a yo-yo on its size or you will really miss out! A fun yo-yo that fits in anyone's pocket!
  YYF Superstar Bi-Metal  
Price: $75.00
The original SuperStar was a yo-yo that truly redefined freestyle play. And now YoYoFactory has done it again with the all new Superstar Bi-Metal!
  YYF Roll Model - Champions Collection  
Price: $45.00 / $76.99
Champions Collection:
Designed collaboratively by YoYoFactory and Steve Brown, the Roll Model represents everything he loves in a yo-yo; speed, stability, and undeniable performance.

  YYF Hubstack Catalyst  
Price: $79.99
This final run of the Catalyst are 100% made in the USA and now feature Z-Stacks (as well as hubstacks in the box) for endless possibilities and fun!
  YYF Superstar Classic  
Price: $49.99 / $99.99
Special Edition SuperStar in honor of World Yo-Yo Champion John Ando!
  YYF G5  
Price: $89.99
The new 2010 G5 from YoYoFactory features a new shape for modern day yo-yo play.
  YYF Nightmare  
Price: $99.99
Rim weight = Power. That's the basic theory behind all bi-metal yo-yo designs, but you can't just slap some steel rings on the sides of a yo-yo and come up with a winner. It takes experience and a lot of refining to get it right, and YoYoFactory got it right!
  YYF Aviator 2  
Price: $51.99
New Signature Yo-Yo of Luis Enrique Villasenor! Made in the USA, weighted and balanced to Luisí preferences, and fitted with a grind finish and CTX bearing, The Aviator 2 is will elevate any freestyle!
  YYF 888x  
Price: $99.99
The most popular choice for competition and overall smoothness.
  YYF Space Cowboy  
Price: $120.00
The Space Cowboy is the first worldwide YoYoFactory release to feature an all new bi-metal design. It feels, looks, and plays unlike anything YoYoFactory has made and once you try it you won't want to put it down!
  YYF VK Slusny  
Price: $125.00
New Signature Yo-Yo of Vashek Kroutil! The VK Slusny is a brand new competition level yo-yo from YoYoFactory. Utilizing a new shape and bi-metal design, the VK Slusny is more powerful than anything that has come before it!
  YoYoFactory Bags  
Price: $34.99
This bag has a nice thick protective foam with room for up to 8 yo-yos along with space for enough accessories and string to keep you setup for days! Pick up the new YoYoFactory Bag and keep your favorite yo-yos ready and by your side wherever you go!
  YYF Pink Black Collection T-Shirt  
Price: $20.00
YoYoFactory printed the logo big and bold on the front of this t-shirt with aome bright pink words of encouragement in the background that really make the shirt pop. It's printed on a super soft American Apparel T-Shirt that looks great and fits even better!
  YYF Bar T-Shirt  
Price: $20.00
The New YoYoFactory Bar T-Shirt is a really cool design with a compilation of all of their signature color bar artwork all in one shirt.

  YYF Wave T-Shirt  
Price: $20.00
The cool new YoYoFactory Wave T-Shirt features some unique Japanese inspired artwork with yo-yo string incorporated into the design.

  YYF Titanium Dream  
Price: $300.00
YoYoFactory makes yo-yos that they want to throw, it's that simple, and this time around they wanted to throw some fresh new titanium! And once you try the new YoYoFactory Titanium Dream you'll be glad they did! Full sized competition ready titanium yo-yo!
  YoYoFactory Razor Shutter T-Shirt  
Price: $19.99
It takes a lot to be a champion; determination, skill, confidence, and of course - a cool shirt! The Razor Shutter Edition T-Shirt!
  YYF YoYoMOM T-Shirt  
Price: $18.00
YoYoMOM's are some of the most dedicated parents in the world. And now we honor them with a custom T-Shirt to wear proudly.
  YYF Shutter T-Shirt  
Price: $17.99
When Gentry Stein took the National Title using his new signature throw the SHUTTER we knew we had to follow up and offer the shirt!
  GOLD Center Trac Bearing  
Price: $22.50
Central Bearing Company brings the Center Trac Bearing back GOLD PLATED for superior performance and spin time.
  YYF Hub Stack O-Rings  
Price: $1.00
Replacement o-rings for YoYoFactory Hubstack YoYos.
  2011 YoYoFactory T-Shirt  
Price: $15.99
For 2011 YoYoFactory has an all new wordmark logo as has been featured on their yo-yos and their team shirts. And now you can show it off too!
  YoYoFactory Multi-Tool  
Price: $5.99
The YoYoFactory Multi Tool will quickly become the most important and convenient item that any and all yo-yo players will carry on them.
  YoYoFactory Super Long String - 10 Pack  
Price: $6.99
The sky is the limit when it comes to new styles of yo-yoing, give it a shot with Super Long Yo-Yo String!
  YoYoFactory Axles  
Price: $1.99
These are replacement axles for your YoYoFactory yo-yos.
  Dice Stacks by Chris Rice  
Price: $5.50
Dice Stacks aka "RiceStacks" are a cool alternative to YoYoFactory Hub Stacks!
  Center Trac Bearing  
Price: $9.99
The Central Bearing Company presents to you a new bearing to make your yo-yo less responsive and smoother on the string.
  YoYoFactory Response  
Price: $2.20
Replacement Response System for your YoyoFactory Yo-Yos by Central Bearing Co.
  YYF Nubs  
Price: $1.00
Nubs to cover the metal post where hub stacks would go. Protects fingers during play.
  YYF Spin Top Replacement Tips  
Price: $1.99
These are replacement top tips for your YoYoFactory spin tops.
  YoYoFactory String  
Price: $4.50
This is official replacement string for your YoYoFactory yo-yos!
  YYF Performance Oil  
Price: $5.00
YoYoFactory performance oil is available in two types depending on your style of play!
  YYF Spacers  
Price: $4.99
These are replacement spacers for your YoYoFactory yo-yos.
  YoYoFactory Yo-Yo Holder  
Price: $5.99
Carry your yo-yo in style with the YoYoFactory yo-yo holder.
  YYF Z-Stack  
Price: $8.00
Z-Stack circular attachment - makes catching easier.
  YYF Hub Stack (Pair)  
Price: $8.00
Replacement hub stacks for YoYoFactory compatible yo-yos. This set comes without bearings.
  YYF Spin Top Upgrade Kit  
Price: $10.00
Upgrade and maintain your YoYoFactory spin tops with this upgrade kit.
  YoYoFactory Upgrade Kit  
Price: $9.99
The YoYoFactory Upgrade Kit consists of 1 Large SPEC Bearing, 1 12mm Axle, and 1 Pair of 19mm Slim Pads - Everything you need to make your favorite beginner yo-yos unresponsive for advanced play!
  YYF Bearings  
Price: $8.00
Replacement Bearings for your YoYoFactory yo-yo.
  YYF SuperStar T-Shirt  
Price: $16.99
The YoYoFactory SuperStar is back and bigger then ever. And now you too can be a true SuperStar rocking this shirt! Just $9.99 with any YoYoFactory Yo-Yo!
  YYF Japan T-Shirt  
Price: $16.00
In honor of Japan and their Nationals YoYoFactory produced some awesome t-shirts! The shirt feature a stylish YoYoFactory 'Japan Flag' logo designed to honor those in this weekends contest.
  YYF Cyborg T-Shirt  
Price: $18.00
It's one thing to have a signature yo-yo, but a signature t-shirt? That's almost more special! This is the new YoYoFactory Cyborg T-Shirt and it is just as high performing and cool looking as the yo-yo is is designed after!
  YYF USA T-Shirt  
Price: $17.00
YoYoFactory made these great looking t-shirts for their team to wear at the US National Yo-Yo Contest, and by popular demand they have made them available for everyone!
  YYF Hub Stack Kit W/ Bearing  
Price: $20.00
Includes Bearings and hub stacks to hub stack a compatible yo-yo.
  YYF Pulsar Sticker  
Price: $1.00
YoYoFactory Pulsar Collection Sticker!!!
  YoYoFactory Mesh Snap-Back Hat  
Price: $15.00
Donít question your fashion sense, just trust your instinct and show some YoYoFactory pride!

  YoYoFactory Pro Case  
Price: $45.00
Perfect for work, school, or whatever it is you do, the YoYoFactory Pro Case is the only solution for all of your yo-yo carrying needs! Carry your throws like the pros with the YoYoFactory Pro Case!
  YoYoFactory Sticker Pack  
Price: $4.99
This first sticker pack includes four large stickers and a sticker sheet with smaller peel off stickers of various YoYoFactory branded logos.
  Undeniable: YoYoFactory DVD  
Price: $19.99
See Team YoYoFactory outside of the contest arena demonstrating the magic that took them to the top! - A Division of Ultimate Vision LLC. All Rights Reserved
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