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Auldey MK Signature Series
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King Yo Star
Kitty String
Radical Seas
Save Deth
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Twisted Stringz
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YoYoJam makes some of the best beginner to advanced yo-yos on the market! YoYoJam is also proud to manufacturer all products exclusively in the USA. With over fifteen signature series models in production their yo-yos are designed for the player by the player. Before release each yo-yo is hand tested by their professional yo-yo team to ensure the highest quality and that the yo-yo exceeds expectations.

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  YYJ Surge  
Price: $16.50
Surge is the plastic yo-yo for the modern yo-yo player built competition ready out of the box. Feel the power in the SURGE.
  YYJ Classic  
Price: $9.99
YoYoJam has just redefined the beginner to intermediate yo-yo. We introduce you to the beginner yo-yo for today's modern player.
  YYJ Prelude  
Price: $14.40
If a solid playing beginners yo-yo is what you seek, look no further then the all-new YoYoJam Prelude.
  YYJ Lyn Fury  
Price: $15.30
The Lyn Fury is an all plastic version of the very famous Hitman yo-yo. Built for intermediate to advanced tricks in mind!
  YYJ Speed Maker  
Price: $15.30
An all plastic yo-yo built for speed and performance. Designed by three time world champion Hiroyuki Suzuki.
  YYJ Big Ben  
Price: $16.20
A dynamic yo-yo built for string tricks but dominates in offstring as well
  YYJ Unleashed  
Price: $18.90
The Unleashed is the next generation looping yo-yo from YoYoJam and National Champion Joseph Harris!
  YYJ Fiesta XX  
Price: $21.25
The Fiesta is back and returns as the new re-designed and evolved Fiesta XX Signature series of four-time Offstring US National Champion Bryan Figueroa.
  YYJ Big Yo  
Price: $22.50
As large as a yo-yo comes the Big Yo is built for fun but conquers in offstring play.
  YYJ Legacy III  
Price: $24.99
National Yo-Yo Master André Boulay delivers the new Legacy III with the goal of designing the ultimate Gateway yo-yo. An affordable yo-yo that someone new to the modern yo-yo could pick up and be empowered to learn on.
  YYJ Trigger  
Price: $28.80
Trigger took months of development with every aspect carefully designed, engineered, and crafted to be the best in its price range.
  YYJ Fiesta Tres  
Price: $30.60
Molded from High Density Celcon and built with a true freestyle competition player in mind Fiesta TRES will give you a true advantage learning that new trick or delivering that winning freestyle!
  YYJ Go Big  
Price: $29.70
The Go Big finally brings YoYoJam's signature rubber offstring rims back and it could not have been done better.
  YYJ SpinFaktor X  
Price: $42.50
YoYoJam has again revolutionized yo-yo design and construction with the SpinFaKtor X!
  YYJ XLR8  
Price: $32.75
The XLR8 is a new hybrid model that is built to accelerate your game.
  YYJ Hitman X  
Price: $34.00 / $44.00
10 years ago, Johnnie DelValle took the 1A game to a whole new level with his World Championship Freestyle. YoYoJam introduces HitMan X - an all-new product reminiscent of the 2003 HitMan, but even better.
  YYJ Dark Magic II  
Price: $43.78
#1 Choice YoYoExpert
Wide aluminum weight rings, long spinning, stable, and easy to learn on.

  YYJ Fever  
Price: $46.75
Signature Series of four time national champion Bálint Farkas! From his first throw with the Fever he knew this is how he wanted his signature yo-yo to play - a one of a kind design!
  YYJ Revival  
Price: $48.45
YoYoJam has taken their hybrid line and once again reinvented it for modern competitive play! The Revival will bring new life to any freestyle routine!
  YYJ SR-71  
Price: $47.60
It is built to be sleek and stable with a whole lot more aluminum ring then plastic body providing enough momentum to get through any trick you throw at it.
  YYJ Revolution  
Price: $23.99 / $47.60
Get ready for a REVOLUTION in yo-yo play with Grant Johnson’s new signature series yo-yo from YoYoJam.
  YYJ New Breed  
Price: $24.99 / $47.60
Eric Koloski Signature Series National Champion's Weapon of Choice - wide and long spinning. If you like the Dark Magic you will love the New Breed!
  YYJ Vigilante  
Price: $48.45
A prime example of classic design elements fused with modern aesthetics Vigilante is a sleek yo-yo that is destined to be a favorite in the YoYoJam lineup.
  YYJ C-Force  
Price: $24.99 / $48.45
Alex Hattori's new weapon of choice is a great yo-yo whether you want to start out with one for Single A or two for Triple A play!
  YYJ Cerberus  
Price: $48.45
Signature yo-yo of Yoshi Mikamoto the Cerberus is true to the three headed monster’s name with a design built to for the three core styles of string trick play!
  YYJ Hitman PRO  
Price: $49.30
When the Hitman was first released in 2003 it changed EVERYTHING. Hitman PRO brings it back built for the new level of yo-yo professional today!
  YYJ ReXtreme  
Price: $50.15
Rei Iwakura's new signature series yo-yo is the next step in offstring evolution built for innovation.
  YYJ Atmosphere  
Price: $51.00
Designed with 2004 World Champion Makoto Numagami this is quite possibly one of the most advanced and long spinning yo-yos you will find for its price.
  YYJ Vexed  
Price: $29.99 / $55.00
With over 60 years of yo-yo experience and knowledge National Grand Master Bill de Boisblanc fuses his wisdom with YoYoJam's modern design abilities and the Vexed is calling for you to play.
  YYJ X-Con PRO  
Price: $55.68
The X-Con Professional is crafted in an undersized shape and features hefty precision-machined bronze weight rings precisely placed for maximum stability, spin, and control.
  YYJ Destiny  
Price: $28.90 / $57.80
Takeshi Matsuura's new signature series yo-yo is the first official counterweight yo-yo to be produced by YoYoJam!
  YYJ Speeder 2  
Price: $57.80
Signature series of multiple World Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki, this one is built to maximize speed, stability and spin.
  YYJ H3X  
Price: $120.00
This is one of the most unique and stunning Yo-Yos that YoYoJam has ever created. Signature Series of National Yo-Yo Master André Boulay.
  YYJ Theory  
Price: $62.00
Theory is a true budget aluminum Yo-Yo that performs with the best. Cutting edge shape and an innovative all in one lateral cap design.
  YYJ Collid3r  
Price: $90.95
With help from the authority in Triple A, Team YoYoJam's Alex Hattori, the Collid3r is ready for impact.
  YYJ Inspire  
Price: $63.33
The INSPIRE is the first yo-yo that features a celcon body that is carefully machined to the same level of perfection you would expect from a high-end metal yo-yo.
  YYJ Transcend  
Price: $70.50
Signature Yo-Yo of 2014 WYYC Women's Division Champion Tessa Piccillo! Join Tessa in her mission to go beyond expectations, and Transcend the boundaries of modern yo-yo play with the new Transcend!
Price: $71.40
PHENOMizm is truly the next level in yo-yo design.
  YYJ Captivate  
Price: $52.50 / $105.00
YoYoJam's design team worked with Hungarian National Champion Balint Farkas (aka “Vooper”) and created CAPTIVATE -- a guaranteed winner.
  YYJ Night Moves 5  
Price: $55.25 / $110.50
Take the future in your hands with the Night Moves 5.
  YYJ Karma  
Price: $64.99 / $114.75
The undersized Karma is quick moving and excellent for advanced fast play with an eye catching look to go with it's well-balanced design.
  YYJ Quest  
Price: $125.80
Everything about the design is with the intention to build a powerful playing, modern yo-yo worthy of a multiple World Yo-Yo Champion.
  YYJ Ai  
Price: $59.99 / $122.40
Get ready to be impressed and step into the future with the new Ai yo-yo from YoYoJam.
  YYJ Next Level  
Price: $124.20
Next Level is a high grade aluminum yo-yo precisely machined and features a completely unique patent-pending finish!
  YYJ DiamondBack 2  
Price: $136.00
Founded on champion freestyle play of the past and redesigned for the increasingly technical demands of a new generation of champion players, the DiamondBack 2 is ready to give you what you need to get on stage and pull off that winning performance!
Price: $139.40
The PHENOM is truly built to bring you the best possible yo-yo.
  YYJ Slacker T-Shirt  
Price: $18.99
Show off your YoYoJam pride and the 'new' definition of being a 'slacker'!
  YoYoJam Axles  
Price: $1.99
These are replacement axles for your YoYoJam yo-yos.
  2010 YoYoJam T-Shirt  
Price: $14.99
The 2010 YoYoJam T-Shirt is here! Play like the YoYoJam pros do in style!
  JD "Character" YoYoJam T-Shirt  
Price: $14.99
This new YoYoJam shirt features the YoYoJam logo on the front and the cool JD character on the back along with the initials JD in the bottom corner of the shirt.
  YoYoJam Lube  
Price: $5.00
Lube to help maintain your yo-yo bearings and keep them smooth spinning.
  YoYoJam Silicone  
Price: $3.00
Replacement Silicone for your YoYoJam yo-yos.
  YYJ Shims  
Price: $1.00
Shims to make your yo-yo less responsive and your gap wider
  YYJ Bearings  
Price: $5.99
Replacement Bearings for you YoYoJam yo-yos
  YYJ Takeshi Dice  
Price: $6.30
From the mind of multiple World champion Takeshi Matsuura this counterweight is designed specifically to pull off his many crazy counterweight tricks.
  YoYoJam Classic Upgrade Kit  
Price: $8.10
Take the Leap into Advanced Play. Everything you need to make your YoYoJam Classic completely unresponsive. Silicone response and a SPEED bearing!
  YYJ Lateral Caps  
Price: $3.15
The realm of possible yo-yo tricks is opened with this new technology that simply snaps into the yo-yo with no affect on spin quality!
  YoYoJam Yo-Yo Bag  
Price: $29.99
YoYoJam's all new messenger yo-yo bag fits 24 yo-yos plus a whole lot more! This is one of the best yo-yo bags we have ever seen! - A Division of Ultimate Vision LLC. All Rights Reserved
Email:   Phone: (413) 551-9696
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