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The "one drop" is a classic roots drum beat. It is the exact opposite of a standard "western" drum beat. It's simple to play technically but to play it well requires great feel and soul. In this, we found the basis of our business. Just like the "one drop" puts it's accent in a completely unexpected place, we too, do things differently than expected. While our products are technically very sound, the most important thing you'll notice is the way they feel; you'll know that they are crafted by people who have put their heart and soul into them. You're supporting craftsmen who design and build locally. None or our products, tools, supplies, or equipment are purchased overseas.

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  One Drop Gauntlet  
Price: $49.00
OneDrop continues their mission that started with the Vanguard, a mission to make sure that yo-yos of the highest quality are available to yo-yo players at a great price. They are throwing down the Gauntlet!
  One Drop Vanguard  
Price: $49.00
Whether you're starting out and looking to snag your first aluminum yo-yo, or if you've been around the block a few times, the Vanguard is there for you!
Price: $52.00
One Drop YoYos proudly presents the Dingo! An amazingly priced all metal yo-yo that packs a lot of play in for its small size and price!
  One Drop 2014 O-Shape Benchmark  
Price: $58.00
The O-Shape from the all new 2014 Benchmark Series by One Drop!
  One Drop 2014 V-Shape Benchmark  
Price: $58.00
The V-Shape from the all new 2014 Benchmark Series by One Drop!
  One Drop 2014 W-Shape Benchmark  
Price: $58.00
The W-Shape from the all new 2014 Benchmark Series by One Drop!
  One Drop Organic Shape Benchmark  
Price: $60.00
The Organic Benchmark design. One of three competition grade Side Effect yo-yos made to the same quality standards as our more expensive models. These yo-yos are meant to be played!
  One Drop H-Shape Benchmark  
Price: $60.00
The H-Shape Benchmark design. One of three competition grade Side Effect yo-yos made to the same quality standards as our more expensive models. These yo-yos are meant to be played!
  One Drop V-Shape Benchmark  
Price: $60.00
The V-Shape Benchmark design. One of three competition grade Side Effect yo-yos made to the same quality standards as our more expensive models. These yo-yos are meant to be played!
  One Drop Cafe Racer  
Price: $60.00
One Drop started the affordable metal revolution and are now taking it to the next level with the CafeRacer.
  One Drop Rebirth  
Price: $68.00
Ryosuke Kawamura signature yo-yo! The Rebirth has a solid feel on the string like the original Project, but the wider stance and even weight distribution make it surprisingly fast and stable in play!
  One Drop Downbeat  
Price: $69.99
The DownBeat brings you back to your roots and reminds you of a time when yo-yos were just about fun. It's a yo-yo that is happier going slow and taking it's time. A yo-yo that prefers old school funk and drives a 1973 Van with thick stripes painted on it!
  One Drop Y-Factor  
Price: $54.99 / $75.00
The Y Factor is the synthesis of all One Drop's previous work, current knowledge, and player preferences for one amazing player.
  One Drop Top Deck  
Price: $79.00
At just $79 the Top Deck is setting a new standard for 7075 construction without sacrificing quality. One Drop continues to push the limit on performance and value while making all of their yoyos in house in Eugene, Oregon, USA!
  One Drop Terrarian  
Price: $79.99
Created in partnership with the Terraria Video Game! This yo-yo sports a wide wing shaped profile that was designed to easily take down enemies in the game and confidently slay the riskiest tricks in real life!
  One Drop T1  
Price: $79.00
Proceeds from the sale of every single T1 yo-yo will go towards helping the Evans family with their son's medical expenses. The T1 has a really unique look and feel with stable play and a wide catch zone that inspires confidence. Great yo-yo. Great cause.
  One Drop Kuntosh  
Price: $84.99
The last yo-yo designed, yet never released, by Anti-Yo. Machined and assembled by One Drop, right here in the USA and starting at just $85, the Kuntosh brings you that sports car performance without the sports car price!
  One Drop Chik  
Price: $88.00
OneDropís new competition driven metal yo-yo is here! The CHIK is the Signature model of Team OneDropís Igor Korzhev from Russia and is a true champion of spin.
  One Drop Gradient  
Price: $79.00
The Gradient has a beautifully curved, angular profile that plays like a perfect fusion of the popular H-shape and V-shape designs. It combines speedy and maneuverable play style with super stable, long spin.
  One Drop MarkMont Classic  
Price: $95.00
One of the most creatively marketed yo-yos we have ever seen, the new One Drop MarkMont Classic is a true masterpiece in yo-yo design that definitely lives up to the hype!
  One Drop Code 2  
Price: $119.99
Yo-Yo players submitted their own yo-yo ideas and the community voting together ended up choosing one person's design! OneDrop worked with the winner and guided them through the prototyping process and are now ready to release the CODE2 to the world!
  One Drop Dang  
Price: $105.00
The DANG takes influence from some of One Drop's best models and is the signature series of their team member Paul Dang.
  One Drop Code 1  
Price: $100.00
The Code1 is a unique new design from One Drop yo-yos incorporating ideas from the yo-yo community!
  One Drop 54  
Price: $85.00
The 54 is the first full size release from One Drop Yo-Yos and features their new "Side Effects" Axle System!
  One Drop Valor  
Price: $120.00
The Valor is signature throw of Vilmos built for competition with a new take on One Drop's classic "Projection Profile" first seen on the original Project. Amazing in both design & play.
  One Drop Cascade  
Price: $100.00
The Cascade has a weight distribution that provides floaty yet stable spin and a nice wide profile that is excellent for advanced string trick play. And of course it is machined to perfection by OneDrop!
  One Drop Format:C  
Price: $120.00
The Format:C Challenge: design a 7075 yoyo for competition play from the ground up. The "C" stands for "Competition" or "Contest".
  One Drop x CLYW Summit  
Price: $115.00
The Summit! The name really speaks for itself as this is the melding of the incredible CLYW Avalanche and the very popular One Drop Cascade. An amazing yo-yo collaboration and story.
  One Drop x CLYW 7 Summits  
Price: $165.00
To celebrate the success of The Summit, CLYW and One Drop knew they had to do something extra special! Right away they knew - Create a 7075 Summit! Then it hit them, immediately after putting pen to paper they saw they had something special - The Seven Summits!
  One Drop - 4 Pack - Flow Groove Pads  
Price: $4.00
Flow Groove is replacement response for OneDrop Yo-Yos and more! Similar to flowable silicone without the mess!
  One Drop V4M Lube  
Price: $6.00
One Drop V4M Bearing Lubricant. All it takes is One Drop to keep your bearing lasting a long time and spinning quietly.
  One Drop 10 Ball Bearing  
Price: $7.99
The 10 Ball Bearing from One Drop features 10 balls compared to the standard 8 for a noticeably smoother spin.
  One Drop Side Effects  
Price: $12.00
This unique and one of a kind axle system actually lets you adjust the inner weight and overall aesthetics of your One Drop yo-yo by switching out different versions!
  One Drop Wooden Display Stand  
Price: $20.00
One Drop presents their first wooden display stand to proudly show off your yo-yos!
  One Drop Valor T-Shirt  
Price: $17.00
This shirt, this is the one, right here! The One Drop Valor T-Shirt. This is what you need. One Drop knew you needed it so they made it!
  One Drop Blue Logo T-Shirt  
Price: $18.00
This beautiful One Drop Logo T-Shirt features the One Drop logo printed in white on a blue tee. Printed on a 100% cotton preshrunk Next Level fitted t-shirt that offers an extremely soft and comfortable fit.
  One Drop Blackout Logo T-Shirt  
Price: $18.00
The Blackout Logo T-Shirt features the One Drop logo printed in black on a black tee for a subtle and stylish look. The 100% cotton preshrunk Next Level fitted t-shirt offers an extremely soft and comfortable fit. - A Division of Ultimate Vision LLC. All Rights Reserved
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