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MonkeyFinger x G-Squared Co-Lab

C3YoYoDesign Dymension

Whimsy YoYo Poker Face

CLYW Wooly Marmot 2

Chico One-Way Spin Top Bearing

Chico Spin Top 2.0

Twisted Stringz - Type C

Yomega Starter Set


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Find all the new releases and special editions right here!
  MonkeyFinger x G-Squared Co-Lab  
Price: $125.00
The Co-Lab is a full sized heavyweight throw that spins for days yet still maintains a really nice 'floaty' and agile feel on the string. It is finished with a very cool looking custom ano job and an amazing grind finish that is sure to impress.

  C3YoYoDesign Dymension  
Price: $99.99
The Dymension is the newest yo-yo from C3yoyodesign and the signature throw of EYYC 5A Champion David Molnar!
  Whimsy YoYo Poker Face  
Price: $100.00
Whimsy is a new yo-yo manufacturer based in Hong Kong. They are kicking things off with some really nice branding, packaging and of course an amazing design! This is their first model, The Poker Face!
  YoYoExpert Leather Keychain  
Price: $6.00
A fun project "From the Forums". The YoYoExpert Leather Keychain is made from high quality leather and has the signature YoYoExpert logo branded on one side. All brought to life by a member of the YoYoExpert forums - "jupdyke".
Price: $650.00
yoyorecreation worked with National Champion Tatsuya Fujisaka to create the perfect yo-yo to compliment his style. The final product is a super stable, long spinning yo-yo that can move as fast as you can push it! And in case we didn't mention it before, it's Titanium!
  Duncan Venom Kendama  
Price: $25.00
The Venom Kendama is a solid choice for any kendama player, beginner or expert, looking to take their game to the next level!
  Micro Spin Top  
Price: $30.00
These MicroTops are the best playing miniature spin tops that we have seen. They hold a spin for quite a while and once you get the hang of throwing these little guys you will have a blast trying some of your favorite tricks with them.

  Chico Spin Top 2.0  
Price: $100.00
The CYYC Spin Top 2.0 is the perfect choice for beginners looking for a quality top or advanced players looking to take their spin top game to the next level!
  One Drop Logo T-Shirt  
Price: $17.00
We thought it was about time OneDrop fans had the option to show off the brand with their cool logo so here it is!
  Yomega Starter Set  
Price: $47.49
The Yomega Starter Set is designed to take you all the way from beginner to expert!
  YYF TOO Hot  
Price: $51.99
This latest prototype of the Too H.O.T. is not the official finished product but Harold Owens III and the guys at YoYoFactory thought it was way too good to keep from the public, and once you throw it we think you'll agree!
  Tsuna Kendama Holder  
Price: $35.00
This is the perfect kendama holder to clip to your belt loop or back pack. Just clip it on and your kendama it's right there with you wherever the day takes you! So don't hide your prized kendama in a bag, carry it in style and show it off!
  G-Squared Triton  
Price: $115.00
The Triton is back in a couple of our favorite signature color ways! YoYoExpert Edition and Dragon Slayer!
  Code 2 Nautilus Restock  
Price: $99.99-$119.99
The Legendary One Drop Code2 Nautilus Just Restocked In Some Cool New Colors! YoYoExpert Edition, Dragon Slayer, and Some Solids Now Available!
  Twisted Stringz Restock!  
Price: $6.00 - $17.00
Twisted Stringz Restock Just Arrived! All your favorite strings plus the new Trixta String and a new Twisted Stringz T-Shirt!
  Turning Point Isotope 2 Beta  
Price: $255.00
Turning Point continues to produce some of the best yo-yos out there, and this one is no exception! The new and improved Isotope 2B is an amazing hybrid yo-yo that will blow you away.
  One Drop - 4 Pack - Flow Groove Pads  
Price: $4.00
Flow Groove is replacement response for OneDrop Yo-Yos and more! Similar to flowable silicone without the mess!
  Dark Magic II - Vortex!  
Price: $48.78
YoYoJam has released a new special edition of the ever popular Dark Magic II! This is the VORTEX Edition! Features a clear plastic body that is just 'slightly' iridescent blue!
  CLYW Arctic Circle 2  
Price: $155.00
The story of the Arctic Circle continues with the 2nd Expedition! Always designing with an equal focus on form and function the Arctic Circle 2 is beautiful and powerful. Get ready to embark on a new adventure.
  YYF GLOW Collection  
Price: $75.00 to $97.00
YoYoFactory's new GLOW Collection features their classic throws in 'Glow in the Dark' Material. Charge it up and turn off the lights for bioluminescence action! Now available as a complete set!
  YYF Hubstack YoYo  
Price: $19.99 to $24.99
With the YYF patented hubstack technology, you don't even need to throw the yo-yo to get it started! Just hold the hubstacks, give the string a pull, and feel the gyroscopic power!
  YYF NorthStar  
Price: $34.99
The NorthStar is one of YoYoFactory's most powerful playing plastic yo-yos with momentum generally only seen in metal yo-yos twice its price range. Now Available in GLOW!
  YYF LOOP 1080 - Champions Collection  
Price: $23.99
It has never been more fun to play in the dark. YoYoFactory's new GLOW Collection features their classic throws in 'Glow in the Dark' Material. Charge it up and turn off the lights for bioluminescence action!
  One Drop x CLYW Summit  
Price: $115.00 to $135.00
The Summit! The name really speaks for itself as this is the melding of the grat CLYW Avalanche and the popular One Drop Cascade. An amazing yo-yo collaboration and story. Restocked in SOLID and Special Edition Colors!
  Diamont Noir Clarity  
Price: $107.00
The Clarity is a true performer. Its sleek v-shape and beefed up rims give you a level of speed and stability that will help you breeze through any combo.
  Diamont Noir Deuxieme  
Price: $107.00
You may not be able to pronounce the name of this beautiful Diamont Noir yo-yo, but just throw it once and it won't matter. The Deuxieme is a true competitor that will elevate any play style!
  Diamont Noir Celestial 2.0  
Price: $107.00
If you like heavy yo-yos or are just looking to try out different styles then the Celestial 2.0 is for you. Give this heavyweight one throw and you will instantly feel the power behind it!
  CLYW Chief  
Price: $135.00
With the Chief Caribou Lodge really does set a new level of expectation for just how good a professional yo-yo should play.
  Oxy Hyperion  
Price: $500.00
Releases Friday
March 7, 8pm EST

Elegant, top performing, and as close to perfection as we could dream for a yo-yo. The Oxy Hyperion is the new standard for high end yo-yo play!

  Turning Point Houska Dry  
Price: $80.99
If you have been waiting to get your hands on some Turning Point throws then this is your chance. The Houska Dry is here to bring you competition level Japanese design without the high end price tag!
  Sweets Kendama - Focus aTack Complete  
Price: $40.00
The aTack Complete comes with the new Sweets Focus Ken and is completely coated in their custom aTack Paint! That means that both the ken and tama are extra grippy to give you even better stick on balance tricks!
  Sweets Kendama - Focus Kendama  
Price: $22.00
The Sweets Focus Kendama is an all new shape that has greatly increased weight distribution, perfect balance, and a great feel in the hand. Perfect for competitive play!
  Sweets Kendama - Focus Ken  
Price: $12.00
With the increasing playability of a worn-in tama, many players prefer the option of swapping in a fresh ken.
  Turning Point Paranoid  
Price: $169.00
It's alright to be a little paranoid sometimes, but with this yo-yo in your hands you will have the confidence of a world champion every time you step on stage!
Price: $28.00
The LP is here to bring looping perfection to the masses, so whether you're looking for your first 2A throws or some new competition level loopers the sOMEThING LP is for you!
  One Drop Valor  
Price: $120.00
The Valor is signature throw of Vilmos built for competition with a new take on One Drop's classic "Projection Profile" first seen on the original Project. Amazing in both design & play.
  yoyorec Laser  
Price: $220.00
This new yoyorecreation throw is perfectly weighted, unbelievably long spinning, and once you watch Yasuki Tachibana perform you will understand the true power and potential of the Laser!
  Tree Hugger  
Price: $28.00
Say whatever you want about tree huggers, but after throwing this new Once Upon a Tree dream I'm ready to go buy some Birkenstocks, tie dye some shirts, and join the ranks of those crazy nature fanatics in the protest line! It's just that good!
  YYF Czech-Mate CZM8  
Price: $44.99
New Signature Yo-Yo Of Vashek Kroutil! The Czech-Mate (CZM8) is a streamlined competition shape for great stable spin at an excellent price.
  CLYW Slackline - 10 Pack String  
Price: $7.50
CLYW developed this unique high-end variety of string to compliment all of their amazing high-end throws. The CLYW Slackline Yo-Yo String!
  YYF Shutter  
Price: $44.99 to $51.99
Now available in Exclusive SILVER. It takes more than a great yoyo to be a champion, but a great yo-yo is something every champion needs. Signature throw of Team YoYoFactory's Gentry Stein. FREE Instant Tutorial with purchase!
Price: $49.99
The Jaeger is a true high performance, competition level yo-yo. You can almost feel it begging to go, chomping at the bit, just pushing you to break through your limits and create the next amazing freestyle of the yo-yo world.
  YOYOFFICER Hatchet  
Price: $59.99
Chop down the competition with the YOYOFFICER Hatchet!
Price: $29.99
Whether you're hunting for a new metal yo-yo on a budget, looking for an inexpensive pair for 3A, or just need something new to throw around, the Kilter will be the perfect addition to your collection!
  Lockett Clasp Yo-Yo Holder  
Price: $15.50
The Lockett Clasp has a simple and durable design that wont let you down. Support the yo-yo forum family and grab one of the very cool, original paracord yo-yo holders!
  One Drop Organic Shape Benchmark  
new-releasesPrice: $60.00
The Organic Benchmark design. One of three competition grade Side Effect yo-yos made to the same quality standards as our more expensive models. These yo-yos are meant to be played!
  One Drop H-Shape Benchmark  
Price: $60.00
The H-Shape Benchmark design. One of three competition grade Side Effect yo-yos made to the same quality standards as our more expensive models. These yo-yos are meant to be played!
  One Drop V-Shape Benchmark  
Price: $60.00
The V-Shape Benchmark design. One of three competition grade Side Effect yo-yos made to the same quality standards as our more expensive models. These yo-yos are meant to be played!
  Unknown Cement T-Shirt  
Price: $30.00
Bryan Figueroa presents his new flag ship t-shirt showcasing the newly designed Unknown Cement Logo on the front with the "failure is unknown" logo crossed out on the back.
  CLYW Blackout PickAxe T-Shirt  
Price: $18.99
This Blackout Edition Pickaxe T-Shirt features their classic CLYW PickAxe Logo silk screened in black on the front of a black T-Shirt.
  sOMEThING Addiction  
Price: $40.00
Just throw it once and you will see why they named this yo-yo Addiction - once you pick it up you are going to have a hard time putting it down!
  Jet Set EC Restock!  
Price: $65.00
sOMEThING removed the heavy weight rings from the Jet Set to create the Jet Set EC. This gives the Jet Set EC a floatier, lighter feel and a play style that is unmatched. New Color Restock!
  ANGLAM Restock!  
Price: $289.00
The choice of 2012 World Yo-Yo Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki. Features Titanium weight rings for impeccable precision and balance. New Colors Restock!
  Adegle Accel  
Price: $125.00
Stable, maneuverable, and amazingly fast on the string - The Accel is everything you are looking for in a competition level throw!
  Adegle Deneb  
Price: $29.99
The Deneb is an amazing off-string yo-yo that is sure to impress, and with this shining gem in your hands you can be the next off-string star!
  SunRise Kendama - Street  
Price: $20.00
The SunRise Street Kendama is perfectly weighted and specially designed to be extra durable which makes it ideal for use in the street, schoolyard, skate parks, and any other generally rough terrain in this world.
  C3YoYoDesign Level 6  
Price: $50.00
Whether you are ready to advance to the next level of yo-yoing or take your tricks to that next level then we have the yo-yo for you. This is the latest 'budget' all aluminum yo-yo from C3yoyodesign. We present LEVEL 6.
  X Cube The Seed  
Price: $134.99
The super stable and floaty feel combined with the extra wide catch zone of The Seed creates an endless array of new trick possibilities!
  Duncan Komodo Kendama  
Price: $18.00
The Komodo Kendama is a solid choice for any kendama player, beginner or expert, looking to try out a new kendama!
  O.U.T. Wooden Yo-Yo Feed  
Price: $5.00
Keep your wooden yo-yos and skill toys looking and feeling like new with the O.U.T. Wooden Yo-Yo Feed!
  YYF Aviator  
Price: $79.99
To conclude Luis Enrique's most successful year of yoyoing, YoYoFactory has finalized a design with Luis that offers every bit of performance that Luis requires. Presenting the AVIATOR.
  Duncan Freehand AL  
Price: $115.00
The Freehand Al pays tribute to the ever popular Freehand Mg by sticking with the clever element themed name and the same classic, organic shape keeps true to the original Freehand.
  Sweets Kendama - Biggie  
Price: $42.00 - $65.00
Biggies provide you with slower, more controlled movements and a much more stable, balanced feel. Perfect for learning and demonstrating new tricks!
  YYF USA T-Shirt  
YoYoFactory made these great looking t-shirts for their team to wear at the US National Yo-Yo Contest, and by popular demand they have made them available for everyone!
  Kendama USA - Cherry Pro Models  
Price: $40.00
These beautiful Kendamas are the hardwood version of the standard 2013 Pro Models. The denser, harder cherry wood adds more weight to your Kendama game and has a great clack sound like no other.
  YoYoNews Shirt  
Price: $15.00
We're excited to offer these soft, 100% cotton t-shirts featuring the iconic YoYoNews logo. Available only in black, these are perfect to wear on-stage at contests or in your next video.
  DEADLY SPINS Pride 7075  
Price: $125.00
Maneuverable yet stable, floaty yet fast, the Pride has everything the modern yo-yo player is looking for in a competition level throw. 7075 aluminum version available here!
  DEADLY SPINS Pride 6061  
Price: $125.00
Maneuverable yet stable, floaty yet fast, the Pride has everything the modern yo-yo player is looking for in a competition level throw. 6061 Aluminum for amazing anodization!
  John Ando SPLASH Superstar  
Price: $84.99
The New SuperStar in a STUNNING SPLASH edition in honor of World Champ John Ando! Be sure to check out the new video!
  YYJ Legacy III  
Price: $26.99
National Yo-Yo Master Andre Boulay delivers the new Legacy III with the goal of designing the ultimate Gateway yo-yo. An affordable yo-yo that someone new to the modern yo-yo could pick up and be empowered to learn on.
  One Drop Code 2 Argonaut  
Price: $135.00
To honor the original designer of the Code 2. We proudly present the ARGONAUT Edition. Artwork by yo-yo player Paul Escolar. Truly one of the most unique special editions we have ever sold.
  YYF Shutter T-Shirt  
Price: $17.99
When Gentry Stein took the National Title using his new signature throw the SHUTTER we knew we had to follow up and offer the shirt!
  One Drop x CLYW Summit  
Price: $120.00
Team OneDrop member Alex Love's uncle John has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. We came together with the generous people at OneDrop to help raise money for John's treatment.
  YYF LOOP 1080 - YoYoExpert x YoYoAddict Edition  
Price: $23.99
Get ready to Loop in STYLE with the new YoYoExpert x YoYoAddict Limited Edition LOOP 1080 from YoYoFactory! This custom 1080 was molded in a glow red plastic with translucent black caps. On stage these yo-yos really visibly pop!
  G-Squared Quake AL7  
Price: $125.00
G-Squared YoYos brings the QUAKE back as part of its AL7 series of high quality 7075 aluminum yo-yos! Get ready to make the competition tremble and leave them in the dust with the unparalleled, earthshaking power of THE QUAKE now in 7075!
  YoYoExpert Velvet Bag  
Price: $4.50
Pick up one of the new YoYoExpert Velvet Bags and keep your favorite throws safe from dings and scratches! Your yo-yos will thank you!
  John Higby Display Boxes  
Price: $25.00-$35.00
These stunning Display Boxes are completely unique and one of a kind from the mind of the amazing John Higby. Your yo-yo deserves one!
  G-Squared Quake Releases Tonight!  
Price: $110.00
Get ready to make the competition tremble and leave them in the dust with the unparalleled, earthshaking power of THE QUAKE!
Price: Prices Range.
YoYofficer has arrived with yo-yos that suit every style of play. They are focused on creating high performance, competition level, yo-yos at varying price points.
  Catchy Mini Metal Kendama  
Price: $40.00
The Catchy Mini Metal Kendama is ideal for the kendama player on the go, just throw it in your pocket or in your bag and it's there when you need it!
  Square Wheels REX  
Price: $99.99
The aptly named REX was built for sheer freestyle domination and with this yo-yo in hand you will feel more powerful than the terrifying beast it was named after!
  Chico Bull Dog 225  
Price: $99.99
The small yet powerful Bull Dog was their first throw, and now, after 4 years they have redesigned it to bring it up to par with the current level of play expected by yo-yo players. This is the Bull Dog 225!
  YYF GLOW Collection  
Price: $75.00
YoYoFactory's new GLOW Collection features their classic throws in 'Glow in the Dark' Material. Charge it up and turn off the lights for bioluminescence action! Now available as a complete set!
  YYF ProtoStar  
Price: $34.99
It has never been more fun to play in the dark. YoYoFactory's new GLOW Collection features their classic throws in 'Glow in the Dark' Material. Charge it up and turn off the lights for bioluminescence action!
  YoYoFactory Multi-Tool  
Price: $5.99
The YoYoFactory Multi Tool will quickly become the most important and convenient item that any and all yo-yo players will carry on them. Now Available in GLOW!
  Yomega Glide - Star Wars Edition  
Price: $120.00
Each color Star Wars Edition Glide has a different custom Star Wars design. So whether you crossed over to the dark side of the force with Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers or you rep the Rebel Alliance there is a yo-yo for you!
  First Word Design Holder  
Price: $7.50
Introducing the First Word Design throw-strap! Designed and assembled in Boulder, Colorado, using beads hand selected from local shops.
  Epic Strings  
Price: $1.80
These strings are made by hand, one at a time, out of the finest material and to the highest standards. Epic Strings has created a few different types of string to meet the needs of all yo-yo players.
  YoYoExpert Small Contest Bag  
Price: $19.99
The all new official YoYoExpert Small Contest Bag is built just for yo-yos. A great way to safely carry up to eight of your favorite yo-yos in style!
  One Drop Format:C  
Price: $120.00
The Format:C Challenge: design a 7075 yoyo for competition play from the ground up. The "C" stands for "Competition" or "Contest".
  Hildy Brothers Emmett  
Price: $35.00
The all new Emmett is the perfect combination of high end performance and fixed axle fun! So if you thought the Hildy Brothers wooden yo-yos were good, you will be blown away by the Emmett! This is the perfect fixed axle pocket throw.

  Crazy-D - New York Edition  
Price: $55.00
The New York Edition Crazy-D has Finally Arrived! And the best part? It GLOWS IN THE DARK! Check out this cool, competition ready, glow in the dark Crazy-D Here!
  Hildy Brothers The Currier  
Price: $30.00
Just give the Currier one throw. Modern tricks on a classic throw never felt or looked so good.
  YoYoExpert Acrylic Display Cubes  
Price: $35.00
Don't hide your most prized possessions, Show them off with these beautiful Acrylic Display Cases!
  Ascender Yo-Yo Holder  
Price: $29.99
The amount of work put into each Ascender holder is visible and the final product is a beautiful accessory that will match anyone's style.
  YoYoExpert Messenger Pocket Bag  
Price: $55.00 / $60.00
Load up the YoYoExpert Messenger Bag with your eight favorite throws, all your daily essentials, and your favorite 1990's yo-yo magazine and you're all set to take on whatever the day might throw at you!
  YoYoExpert Sling Bag  
Price: $45.00 / $50.00
The Sling Bag has a very sleek, compact design and is the perfect day-to-day carrying bag for any yo-yo player. The Large bags are good, but you don't always need to carry 8, 12, or 24 yo-yos - most of the time you just need to carry one or two of your favorite throws.
  Keep Calm and YoYo T-Shirt  
Price: $14.50
The Keep Calm design is printed in black on a bright red, 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt. The design really pops and is sure to stand out in a crowd or on stage!

  YYJ Hitman X  
Price: $44.00
10 years ago, Johnnie DelValle took the 1A game to a whole new level with his World Championship Freestyle. YoYoJam introduces HitMan X - an all-new product reminiscent of the 2003 HitMan, but even better.
  King Spin Chronicle  
Price: $120.00
King Spin is a new manufacturer with a bright future, and this is their full sized, bead blasted, performance driven, American made Chronicle!
  CLYW New Avalanche  
Price: $125.00
We all heard it was coming back... Originally a yo-yo so widely anticipated from Caribou Lodge that we didn't know if it was real or a myth.
  RecRev Neuae  
Price: $35.00
RecRev is about to revolutionize undersized yo-yos with their newest throw - The Neuae! (Pronounced "new"). So don't be surprised if the Neuae becomes your "new" favorite throw!
  RecRev Silly Goose  
Price: $60.00
Recreational Revolution is here to bring the fun back to yo-yoing with their newest throw - The Silly Goose! This throw is the perfect reminder that yo-yos were built for recreation, not just serious, cutthroat competition.
  RecRev Octave - 1st Gen  
Price: $64.99
With the Octave in hand, Rojas is a top contender in any competition he enters, and if you've ever seen him compete then you know the unparalleled, gravity defying, freestyle power within this throw. The 1st Generation Octave.
  RecRev Octave - 3rd Gen  
Price: $70.00
Step into the modern yo-yo world with the completely overhauled 3rd Generation Octave!
  SPYY Promo - Get 2nd SPYY Yo-Yo FREE  
Price: $120.00
Purchase a SPYY Amplifier and get a second SPYY yo-yo FREE!
  TMBR Turner Wooden Yo-Yo  
Price: $44.00
The Turner is yet another amazing wooden yo-yo to come out of the TMBR workshop. It is beautifully crafted and though the design may be simple, this yo-yo performs far beyond what you would expect!
  Blueprint Yo-Yo String  
Price: $14.00
Brought to you by your frends from the land down under, Werrd is proud to present the the all new, competition level Blueprint Yo-Yo String! An all new yo-yo string specially geared to the high performance needs of competition level players!
  Yomega PRODIGY  
Price: $115.00
Daniel Dietz has a new signature yo-yo. A true collaboration produced by his sponsor Yomega, design help from Spin Dynamics, and machining from OneDrop Yo-Yos. This is the PRODIGY.
  YYJ Dark Magic II  
Price: $48.78
The GHOST Edition Dark Magic II from YoYoJam. Clear w/ Polished Nickel Plated Rims. Created by YoYoExpert!
  Yo-Yo World Magazine (Set of 3)  
Price: $40.00
The best magazines we have read and the perfect coffee table book-set for the yo-yo enthusiast. It will give you a taste of what yo-yoing was like back in the day and a chance to see what style your favorite players were rocking in the 90s! (OOCH, AAAW YEAH!)
  Catchy LED Kendama  
Price: $16.00
Challenge The Night with LED lights. CATCHY LED is a tough polycarbonate kendama that lets you play into the night.
  Pocket Love  
Price: $30.00
Each Pocket Love is meticulously crafted, one at a time, out of high-end, exotic lumber in very limited quantities. The perfect fixed axle yo-yo for the modern enthusiast!
  Just For Fun  
Price: $24.00
The Just For Fun is pure, back to basics, fun. Solid, smooth, and long spinning, this is an incredible wooden yo-yo that looks just as good as it plays!
  C3YoYoDesign P-Wave  
Price: $135.00
The P-Wave the perfect throw to amp up your routine no matter what your play style is. Just watch Peter Pong Si Yee perform his blurringly fast, technical freestyles and you will know what the P-Wave is all about.
  C3YoYoDesign Electric Flash  
Price: $110.00
Fast, stable, and dead smooth, the Electric Flash is a serious competitor. Just watch Augie perform with the Electric Flash in hand and you can see the amazing potential of this yo-yo.
  YYJ Classic  
Price: $9.68
The ALL PINK Classic to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research is here! 100% of Sale is donated!
  YYJ Breast Cancer Charity  
Price: $6.00
We found these in our warehouse from 2010. GREAT playing Ball Bearing Yo-Yo for $6 and the entire purchase is directly donated to Breast Cancer Research!
  Jet Set EC  
Price: $65.00
sOMEThING removed the heavy weight rings from the Jet Set to create the Jet Set EC. This gives the Jet Set EC a floatier, lighter feel and a play style that is unmatched.
  SAVE DETH Corduroy 5 Panel Hat  
Price: $30.00
Save Deth's 5 panel "camper" hat features a leather front panel along with matching back strap, brass hardware, and tan corduroy body. Finished with a Save Deth Colorbar tag. This corduroy hat has a very cool and unique look that will compliment anyone's style!
  SAVE DETH "Stars" 5 Panel Hat  
Price: $30.00
This high quality 5 Panel Hat stays true to the original Save Deth look in using the circle of stars in a unique way, both side panels have the stars arced across them with the square Save Deth mark on the front.
  ILYY Nile  
Price: $119.99
Get your hands on this beauty and let the flow of the Nile bring new life and style to your tricks.

  YYF Script Hat  
Price: $21.25
Support your favorite brand and add a little flare to your wardrobe with the all new YoYoFactory Script Hat!
  yoyorec Aeronaut  
Price: $39.99
If you are looking for that high-end off-string throw but don't want to spend all that high-end money then the Aeronaut is the yo-yo you have been waiting for!
  G-Squared Quake  
Price: $110.00
They're going to have to add a few more numbers to the Richter scale to measure the intensity of this throw. So get ready to make the competition tremble and leave them in the dust with the unparalleled, earthshaking power of THE QUAKE!
  MarkMont Draken String  
Price: $7.50
From the same brain space as 'DRAGON' comes 'DRAKEN'. Same sense of feeling, same speed, but with a lighter weight.
  G-String - Tie-Dyed Slick 6 (10 Pack)  
Price: $5.50
What? No. Not that kind of G-String. This is G-String yo-yo string; high quality, high performance string that is sought after by yo-yo players worldwide.
  Chico Heavy Hitter 3  
Price: $100.00
Join the Team and become a Heavy Hitter with the Heavy Hitter 3!
  Yomega Wooden Kendama  
Price: $20.00
Yomegas Wooden Kendama plays great and has a classic look that everyone will love
  Yomega Plastic Kendama  
Price: $10.00
Yomega modeled their new Plastic Kendama with a very sleek, modern shape and branded it with their timeless logo to give it a look everyone will love.
  Yo-Yo String Lab VENOM - 10 Pack  
Price: $7.50
This signature string of USA National Champion, Eric Koloski, is tuned for competition. It's a medium thickness string optimized for whips and slack play without the extra thickness of Ammo.
  Vulto Glitch  
Price: $65.00
The Glitch is smooth, excellent for grinds, suicides, loops and long tricks. It was designed to handle everything with a compact size.
  2nd Blood Brother  
Price: $84.99
The Second Blood Brother is the perfect addition to any collection, so separate yourself from the crowd and grab one of these one of a kind throws.
  Turning Point Positron 2  
Price: $160.00
With the Turning Point Positron in his hand, Marcus Koh was able to win the 2011 1A World Championship. What will you be able to do with the Positron 2?
  Turning Point Isotope  
Price: $260
This yo-yo has already exceeded the high expectations we hold for all of Turning Points stunning yo-yos, and once you throw the Isotope you will understand why champions choose Turning Point.
  Turning Point Basilisk Light  
Price: $172
The Basilisk was made specifically with World Champion Kentaro Kimura's play style in mind, the focus was on superb handling for freestyle dominance.
  Turning Point Leviathan 4B  
Price: $260
The Leviathan 4B has a similar design to the original Leviathan as far as shape and weight, but it is a completely different kind of monster.
  Turning Point Leviathan  
Price: $190
The Leviathan is a finely tuned monster of a yo-yo, and it deserves a place in the history books right next to the incredible beast it was named after!
  Turning Point RT  
Price: $172
Turning Point just entered a new competitor into the games, and his name is the RT. It may look familiar but you can trust us when we say it performs on a level of its own!
  New Duncan Fitted Hats  
Price: $40
Duncan created these four cool new hats using a high quality, New Era 59Fifty, Fitted Hat to guarantee a great look and a perfect fit. So support the original yo-yo company and show some Duncan pride with the all new Duncan Fitted Hats!!
  Chico Heavy Hitter Type S  
Price: $125
The Type S is a completely remodeled version of the original Heavy Hitter that will blow you away. But what does the S stand for you ask? Is it Speed? Stability? Spin Time? We say it stands for all of those and then some!
  CLYW 5 Panel Hat  
Price: $42.50
This sweet CLYW 5 Panel Hat is available in three amazing color ways - each hand picked by the team at the Lodge, so you know you'll look good.
  YYJ XLR8  
Price: $32.75
Get ready to accelerate your game with the all new YoYoJam hybrid!
  C3YoYoDesign Speedaholic  
Price: $13.50
The Speedaholic is the first inexpensive plastic yo-yo to rival the performance of most full metal yo-yos on the market.
  One Drop Format:C  
Price: $120.00
The Format:C Challenge: design a 7075 yoyo for competition play from the ground up. The "C" stands for "Competition" or "Contest".
  Werrd Eighty-Six 400  
Price: $70.00
Don't waste another second of your day. If you are looking for the power and performance of a heavier yo-yo with a familiar feel then this is the one for you!
  Werrd Minute  
Price: $50.00
If you love undersized yo-yos then the Minute is absolutely a must have for your arsenal, and if you don't like undersized yo-yos then the Minute is the one yo-yo that will change your mind.
  Werrd Irony JP  
Price: $120.00
Werrd takes their original Irony and influences its design with the needs of some of Japan's best competition yo-yo players.
  YYJ Captivate  
Price: $105.00
YoYoJam's design team worked with Hungarian National Champion Balint Farkas (aka "Vooper") and created CAPTIVATE -- a guaranteed winner.
  One Drop Rally  
Price: $45.00
Three years in the making: One Drop presents the Rally - a premium performance plastic yoyo made in the U.S.A.
  YYF Shutter  
Price: $44.99
It takes more than a great yoyo to be a champion, but a great yo-yo is something every champion needs. Signature throw of Team YoYoFactory's Gentry Stein. FREE Instant Tutorial with purchase!
  OneDrop Restock!  
Price: Ranges
OneDrop just restocked the Summit, CHIK, and Yelets in some GREAT colors! Be sure to check out 'Clearly Red' and IN MOTION!
  CLYW Glacier Express  
Price: $155.00
Meet the Glacier Express! It features the first I-Beam 'Train Track' cross-section in a return top! Made in Canada.
  C3 YoYo Design Token  
Price: $28.00
C3 wanted to create something fun small and challenging that you could bring in your pocket everywhere and not break the bank. The Token is all this and more!
  Northern Spin Company Quantum  
Price: $125.00
Canada's Northern Spin presents Quantum: Oversized organic shape geared towards a very floaty and smooth play style with amazing spin time.
  CLYW Bear Vs Man 2  
Price: $135.00
The epic yo-yo returns. Bear vs. Man ROUND 2. From the ingenious mind of Boyd Seth!
  YYF SuperNova  
Price: $84.99
The NEW Supernova captures the essence of Tyler Severance's previous models making one of the most amazing competition yo-yos to date.
  GOLD Center Trac Bearing  
Price: $22.50
Central Bearing Company brings the Center Trac Bearing back GOLD PLATED for superior performance and spin time.
  YYF H.O.T. - Champions Collection  
Price: $109.99
Champions Collection: It just got 'H.O.T.' The all new Ain't Nothin' Edition Harold Owens Signature yo-yo is here.
  Toxic Strings Zype  
Price: $7.50
This special formula of string was created specifically with Zammy in mind and wow does it PLAY! String developed specifically with 1A and Moebius in mind.
  YYF Proton - Champions Collection  
Price: $110.99
Champions Collection: Designed with influence from World Champion Kentaro Kimura. Fusion of Japanese design and YoYoFactory elements for one amazing yo-yo.
  YYF ONEstar  
Price: $14.99
All new Black/White Marble ONESTAR with a Center Trac Bearing. All at an amazing price!
  YYF New Genesis  
Price: $105.00
A perfect yoyo is a different thing to different people. Your preferred specifications may differ to my preferred specifications.
  YYF 2013 SuperStar T-Shirt  
Price: $16.99
The YoYoFactory SuperStar is back and bigger then ever. And now you too can be a true SuperStar rocking this shirt!
  YYF Bearing-Stickers PACK  
Price: $12.00
Exclusive YoYoFactory Sticker and CenterTrac-X Bearing Pack! Get it for just $5 with any other YoYoFactory yo-yo!
  YYF LOOP 1080 - Champions Collection  
Price: $23.99
Two great new colors released in honor of World Champ Shu Takada competing at Worlds!
  YYF ProtoStar  
Price: $34.99
YoYoFactory went on a quest to build a yo-yo with a plastic body that was capable of playing with the best all metal yo-yos out there.
  Terra Kendama - THE PILL  
Price: $17.99
The Pill is a kendama-like toy invented by the craftsmen at Terra Kendama that has been steadily growing in popularity.
  CLYW Arctic Circle  
Price: $145.00
Something special happens when you pick up a Caribou Lodge yo-yo return top. You realize this isn't just a yo-yo to do cool tricks with. There is a special energy and feeling. A hidden story. An adventure awaits you. This is the Arctic Circle.
  CLYW Chief  
Price: $145.00
With the Chief Caribou Lodge really does set a new level of expectation for just how good a professional yo-yo should play.
  Monkeyfinger Forte  
Price: $125.00
The Forte is MonkeyFingers Latest creation, and it is the signature throw of Idaho State Yo-Yo Champion Mike Montgomery!
  YYF Mighty Flea  
Price: $64.99
Don't judge a yo-yo on its size or you will really miss out! A fun yo-yo that fits in anyone's pocket!
  OneDrop Restock!  
Price: Ranges
OneDrop just restocked some of their best models in stunning NICKEL and TWO Signature Edition Cascades!
  Duncan Magnetude  
Price: $115.00
The cool new magnetic system in the Magnetude lets you can create some amazing new tricks that no one has ever seen before!
  YYF Hand Drawn YoYo T-Shirt  
Price: $16.00
This creative, Hand Drawn T-Shirt, showcases a select few favorite throws chosen by the pros at YoYoFactory
  Yomega Crossfire  
Price: $15.00
A great yo-yo for the beginner to intermediate player that can take you through advanced play!
  CLYW Wooden Kendama  
Price: $29.99
The Caribou Kendama - Dirtbag Yeti Tested, Dirtbag Yeti Approved!
  YoYoExpert Trusted T-Shirt  
Price: $17.99
Since 2008 - YoYoExpert has been trusted by professional yo-yo players and beginners alike, so you can trust us to design you a cool shirt!
  Unknown T-Shirt  
Price: $25.50
Bryan Figueroa presents his new flag ship t-shirt showcasing the Unknown logo on the front with "failure is unknown" crossed out on the back. The meaning here is deep.
  CLYW Yogi T-Shirt  
Price: $18.99
This shirt was made in honor of one of the most important parts of CLYW and Caribou Chris best friend and manager Yogi (the dog).
  CLYW Yeti Fist T-Shirt  
Price: $18.99
A true Dirtbag Yeti Approved T-Shirt! Features that killer YETI FIST prominent on the back (art by Jason Week) and CLYW slick pick axe on the front!
  CLYW Lodge T-Shirt  
Price: $18.99
This T-Shirt features their new CLYW Lodge Logo silk screened on the front and back of the T-Shirt.
  SPLASH Champions Collection  
Price: Price Varies
Champions Collection: YoYoFactory releases some of their best Champion Collection Yo-Yos in SPLASH Colors!
  Twisted Stringz - Gray Matter  
Price: $7.99
Gray Matter takes the soft and silky qualities we all love within a string. Adding a bit of strength without comprising the softness.
  One Drop Jenny Project Yelets  
Price: $100.00
The Jenny Project is a fund-raiser that is going to help a family that is dealing with Trigeminal Neuralgia, aka ”The Suicide Disease”.
  One Drop Chik  
Price: $108.00
The CHIK now available in TWO special edition colors! Harrison Hurricane and Dragon's Den!
  Werrd Hour  
Price: $59.99 / $75.00
Werrd has created a yo-yo to rival all other yo-yo in its price range. The HOUR is upon us.
  Yo-Yo String Lab - Type X String - 10 Pack  
Price: $5.50
TYPE X is BACK in Ann Connolly Special Edition Color ways!
  Yo-Yo String Lab AMMO - 10 Pack  
Price: $6.90
Ammo is a new string that keeps its tension longer and still has an exceptionally smooth and quick feel for a wide variety of tricks. Now Available in Ann Connolly Signature Colorways!
Price: $55.00
Crazy-D is all about maximum performance on a DELRIN yo-yo. Brought to you by World Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki's sOMEThING brand.
  C3YoYoDesign Krown  
Price: $159.99
The KROWN is the highly anticipated signature series of C3 Japan's new team member and World Champion Shinya Kido!
  C3YoYoDesign Di Base 2  
Price: $55.00
Introducing the DiBase 2. A striking shift in design from it's predecessor for the modern yo-yo player.
  C3YoYoDesign Gaia  
Price: $63.99
Gaia is all about creating an offstring yo-yo with a balance of everything you could want for learning and perfecting all styles of offstring tricks. Signature yo-yo of Jeon Ji Hwan.
  Sweets Kendamas  
Price: $18 to $40
YoYoExpert is PROUD to offer SWEETS Kendamas! Available in five awesome varieties: Natural, Stained, aTack, Matte Marble, and Chameleon!
  One Drop Chik  
Price: $88.00
OneDrop's new competition driven metal yo-yo is here! The CHIK is the Signature model of Team OneDrop's Igor Korzhev from Russia and is a true champion of spin.
  YYJ H3X  
Price: $120.00
This is one of the most unique and stunning Yo-Yos that YoYoJam has ever created. Restocked in stunning Blue & Green. Signature Series of National Yo-Yo Master Andre Boulay.
  Duncan Strix  
Price: $55.00
Kohta Watanabe of Duncan Crew Japan is a legend in yo-yoing and his new signature series yo-yo the Strix is bound to be a true success.
  CLYW Gnarwhal  
Price: $125 to $135.00
The legendary Gnarwhal. This powerful creature re-emerges from the Caribou Lodge lineup.
Price: $155.00
The Cliff is the largest return top that CLYW has made to date! But don't let its size fool you! Made in Canada and signature series of Petr Kavka.
  CLYW Arctic Circle  
Price: $155.00
Something special happens when you pick up a Caribou Lodge yo-yo return top. A hidden story. An adventure awaits you. This is the Arctic Circle. Signature Series of National Champ Zach Gormley.
  YYJ Surge  
Price: $16.20
Surge is the plastic yo-yo for the modern yo-yo player built competition ready out of the box. Feel the power in the SURGE.
  Oxy Megatron  
Price: $145.00
Oxygene proudly presents the MEGATRON. Signature yo-yo of the six time Italian National Yo-Yo Champion Lorenzo Sabatini this yo-yo is a true string trick machine.
  Duncan Yo-Tility Holster  
Price: $12.00
The new Duncan Yo-tility Holster serves as a yo-yo holster, bearing removal tool, and string cutter!
  Square Wheels The Rockefeller  
Price: $135.00
The 'Rock' is Team Square Wheels member Derek Britson's signature yoyo. Derek worked tirelessly with Jon on the design to make a perfect yoyo to suit his style.
  YYF WBD ONEstar  
Price: $14.99
The ONEStar is now available in a special all black edition with the YoYoFactory WBD logo on the caps in honor of the Japan National Yo-Yo Contest!
  YYF Japan T-Shirt  
Price: $16.00
In honor of Japan and their Nationals YoYoFactory produced some awesome t-shirts! The shirt feature a stylish YoYoFactory 'Japan Flag' logo designed to honor those in this weekends contest.
  yoyorec Overdrive  
Price: $165.00
Get ready for the OVERDRIVE. Signature series of the incredible Ryota Ogi from Japan. Built with Ryota’s play in mind it comes in big, fast, and floaty.
  yoyorec Mr. Butcher  
Price: $165.00
Mr. Butcher is a yoyorecreation model with a focus on 5A play as it is the signature model of Japan National 5A Champion Hiroyasu Ishihara!
  yoyorec Z-On  
Price: $165.00
Z-ON is the signature model of Sojun Miyamura built to be a powerhouse in spin yet an elegantly floaty and manuerable model.
  yoyorec Diffusion  
Price: $29.99
The Diffusion is one of the first plastic yo-yos designed out of Japan brought to you by yoyorecreation. Built for the modern yo-yo player in shape and form.
  yoyorec ReCLASH  
Price: $165.00
The RECLASH is the fifth creation from yoyorecreation in honor of the epic series of 44CLASH contests in Japan.
  One Drop Cascade  
Price: $115.00
The Cascade is built around being a well designed weight distribution providing floaty yet stable spin and is nice and wide so excellent for advanced string trick play.
Price: $52.00
One Drop YoYos proudly presents the Dingo! An amazingly priced all metal yo-yo that packs a lot of play in for its small size and price!
  One Drop Cafe Racer  
Price: $60.00
One Drop started the affordable metal revolution and are now taking it to the next level with the CafeRacer.
  YYF Pink H.O.T. or PROTON  
Price: $99.99 to $104.99
Champions Collection: Looking for a Pink Yo-Yo? YoYoFactory has you covered. H.O.T. and PROTON now available in a super stunning HOT PINK. Extremely limited numbers.
  One Drop Novus Box  
Price: $19.99
The Novus is the perfect box for storing crucial yoyo accessories like bearings, axles, o-rings, pads, hubstacks, strings and whatnot!
  YYF Hubstack Catalyst  
Price: $79.99
This final run of the Catalyst are 100% made in the USA and now feature Z-Stacks (as well as hubstacks in the box) for endless possibilities and fun!
  Duncan Yo-Yo Bag  
Price: $28.00
Taking your yo-yos with you is a must. Until now the options have been slim - but with Duncan's new yo-yo cases they have finally delivered a way to carry your yo-yos safely and in style!
  YoYoExpert Contest T-Shirt  
Price: $8.00
YoYoExpert is proud to present a shirt that is very special to us. The official YoYoExpert Contest T-Shirt is here and you can take the Contest T-Shirt Challenge!
  Kitty String - 100 Count (Nylon 1.5)  
Price: $15.99
Kitty String took both their polyester and nylon threading and carefully formulated the perfect combination giving you the 1.5.
  RecRev Sine//Saw  
Price: $65.00
The Sine//Saw is the next evolution of RecRev's yo-yo design, featuring a beautiful shape, innovative shape, and the new stax axle system!
  CLYW Chief  
Price: $145.00 - $165.00
With the Chief Caribou Lodge really does set a new level of expectation for just how good a professional yo-yo should play.
  CLYW Puffin  
Price: $155.00
The Puffin is Caribou Lodge's true party animal and whether or not Dirtbag Yeti 'approves' this is a throw that is sure to be never ending fun!
  CYYC Spin Top  
Price: $120.00
The Chico YoYo Company has released their first spin top, and it's a beauty! Custom machined to be perfectly balanced, the Chico spin top is truly a player's dream.
  Chico Kestrel  
Price: $75.00
The Kestrel is a slightly undersized and powerful new competition throw from Chico Yo-Yo Company!
  Duncan Hornet  
Price: $18.00
The Duncan Hornet is the first looping yoyo from Duncan Toys specifically designed for high-end competition play, and it's a huge leap forward for Duncan!
  G-Squared Triton  
Price: $110.00
Ohio has finally thawed out, and that means we can finally get our hands on the hotly anticipated new model from G-Squared YoYos, the Triton!
  Turning Point Basilisk  
Price: $200.00
Turning Point of Japan has again succeded in bringing another legendary yo-yo to life. After just one throw you will wonder how you ever lived without it. This is the Basilisk.
  Turning Point Tarasqus  
Price: $114.99
The Tarasqus is one of the most fun micro yo-yos we have thrown!
  General Yo Majesty  
Price: $129.00
Majesty is an extremely precision designed freestyle competition yo-yo that is DEAD smooth as can be expected from the amazing quality that General-Yo brings to the table. Blue Mountain Edition releasing!
  YYF Catalyst  
Price: $120.00
New color for the 7075 Aluminum Catalyst available - Blue W/ Orange SPLASH!
  YYF MVP 2  
Price: $125.00
The last release of the MVP 2 is here with a special edition in honor of YYF Team Member Clint Armstrong!
  CLYW Sticker Pack  
Price: $5.50
The Caribou Lodge Sticker Pack includes six stickers so you can show your love for this awesome Canadian brand!
  EH (Ed Haponik x SPYY x TMBR x YoYoExpert)  
Price: $50.00
In 2012, SPYY team member Ed Haponik took a one year oath to play only a single fixed axle, wooden yo-yo. This is the EH.
  Descender Yo-Yo Holder  
Price: $19.99
The Descender yoyo holder is the first product available from Unknown, the new yoyo accessory company by Six Time National YoYo Champion Bryan Figueroa!
  Crucial Dulce  
Price: $99.99
The Dulce is the newest model from Crucial, and is a competition-worthy, full-sized yoyo with a wide, bell-shaped body and the mid-weight ridges we've come to expect from Crucial.
  Spin Dynamics Flow  
Price: $120.00
Get ready! The newest release from Spin Dynamics is their first full-sized throw is designed to impress with elements that a player of any skill level can appreciate.
  C3YoYoDesign Mo-vitation  
Price: $90.00
The Mo-Vitation was sculpted for sideways and on top of the finger play. Extremely fun and addictive.
  C3 YoYo Design Di Base 2  
Price: $55.00
Introducing the DiBase 2. A striking shift in design from it's predecessor for the modern yo-yo player.
  Kendama USA  
Price: Prices Vary
YoYoExpert is proud to present Kendamas! Another amazing skill toy we know you will fall in love with. Much like yo-yos mastering the Kendama takes practice, focus, patience, and creativity!

  Yo-Yo String Lab AMMO - 10 Pack  
Price: $6.90
Ammo is a new string that keeps its tension longer and still has an exceptionally smooth and quick feel for a wide variety of tricks. It's great for slack, whips, risky binds, plus it has the great feel and performance of Type X.
Price: $69.99
New Signature Yo-Yo Of Vashek Kroutil! The CZM84VK is a brand new YYF competition yo-yo, utilizing a new shape and weight distribution than anything that has come before it.
Price: $9.99
The goal with the ONE yo-yo was to bring a yo-yo to the table that was basic and easy to understand, a solid performer, and to offer it at a phenomenal price point.
  Candy Wires String  
Price: $3.99 to $16.49
Candy Wires String is a competition-quality yoyo string made by hand in the Philippines. String is designed to help you get the maximum performance out of your yo-yos.
Price: $54.99
The all affordable metal yo-yo with amazing play on the string. Now available in SPLASH editions!
  YoYoSkeel Sense  
Price: $89.99
We've got a 'sense' that you're going to love the amazing play and amount of fun that YoYoSkeel's New Yo-Yo will bring to your life.
  YoYoSkeel Syok  
Price: $80.00
The English translation for Syok is Shock - as in 'Shock and Awe' or as in 'You will not believe how SHOCKingly fun YoYoSkeels first delrin yoyo can play!
  One Drop Burnside  
Price: $95.00
One Drop focused their efforts on designing a pure performance no frills yo-yo and the result is one that will surpass expectations.Now available in a GZR 7075 edition!
  One Drop Dang  
Price: $105.00
The DANG takes influence from some of One Drop's best models and is the signature series of their team member Paul Dang. Now available in 'Players Only' edition with signed Paul Dang Trading Card!
  ILYY x One Drop Sakura  
Price: $110.00
The Sakura is one of the most elegant designs we have seen from ILOVEYOYO and it just got better. This new version is a collaboration with OneDrop Design, machined in Oregon USA, and includes custom Side Effects! - A Division of Ultimate Vision LLC. All Rights Reserved
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